Review: Bang Bang Romeo – Natural Born Astronaut

Single review: Bang Band Romeo
For fans of: Anastacia / Evanescence / Pink

There aren’t many gaps left in the rock and alt genre of the music industry right now. Synth rock is taken by The Shimmer Band; heavy, rousing music is dominated by The Blinders and indie rock is taken by the rest of the industry with unique aspects to all of them. One gap though that has been crafted and created has been that of the third prong of the This Feeling October tour bands Bang Bang Romeo and brand new track Natural Born Astronaut is their best offering to date.

Following Chemical it seemed the band may have reached their peak. With huge vocals and a backing band to match, Bang Bang Romeo created almost the perfect song. Balancing the best of Evanescence with bits of Pink! and of course Lady Gaga though, the band have somehow managed to top Chemical with their new single.

Some people have described Anastasia’s vocals as once in a generation, we simply have to agree with that statement. Natural Born Astronaut is an outstanding piece of music, fit for arena size stages with arena size crowds. It’s fresh, unique, balances commercial sounds with genuinely inspiring vocals and is one of 2017’s stand out tracks so far.

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