The Gardner and the Tree – Mossbo

EP Review: The Gardner and the Tree
For fans of: Mumford and Sons; Patch and the Giant; Augustines

Sometimes, the music industry throws up something so perfect you cannot quite believe it. Mossbo, the recent release from Swiss band The Gardener and the Tree however, wholly fits that description.

The five tracks as an entire EP are so well crafted and balanced it is hard to believe the band haven’t been around for that long. Throughout there are echoes of Billy McCarthy’s Augustines whilst being contrasted by the folksiness of Mumford and Sons. Track opener explodes and much like Mumford’s latest album, shows a very different side to the band compared to 2014 release Revolution.

EP highlight Postcards showcases the vocal ability of Manuel Felder; close to that of 2017 breakthrough artist Rag n Bone Man but original enough to not feel copied, the vocal is simply stunning throughout. The music is so intricate and although at times seems simplistic, when you close your eyes and fall for the melody, you realise just how well defined this band are. Amber, the following track, builds from where Postcards left off and is nothing short of a musical masterpiece.

At a shorter 3:31mins, the track does feel shorter than the others but with more depth than the previous two songs, is a huge addition to this EP release. The piano capability of Patrick Fet drives the track into a magical middle eight section which is dominated by the pounding drums of Daniel Fet. Amber continues to grow and at peak crescendo, drops down before Secret kicks in.

It’s hard to get away from the fact that every track sounds like a different band, on this occasion, Imagine Dragons. Despite that though, the band have such originality in their sound, and by track four you should have completely fallen for them. Turn the lights down, light a candle or two and crank up the volume on the final two tracks of this EP and you will lose yourself in a world of pure bliss. Stunning vocals, controlled piano, beautiful guitar strokes all combine to produce one of 2017’s greatest EPs.

This band are a breath of fresh air; they are original yet recognisable and there is genuine hope that this band from Switzerland could take over the world and become the first European band to crack Britain in some time.

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