Deep.Sleep – Soho

Single Review: Deep.Sleep
For fans of: Mint; Clay; The 1975

Soho is the latest offering from geordie indie rockers Deep.Sleep. On the back of a spectacular festival season including an affirming Kendal Calling set, their hot new track is the perfect platform to set the foundations for success.

The track is a more mellow one compared to that of 1994 their last release and shows the band maturing their sound to how they see themselves moving forward. Soho somehow manages to balance between genres; it would fit in a US chick flick whilst also not feeling out of place at the football at half-time. Dan’s vocals are soft, but controlled and the indie tinkering of the guitars complements the vocal tone effortlessly.

It would be difficult to say the song is better than 1994 as that defined the level of which Deep.Sleep are capable of reaching but what Soho does do is show that they are not just another indie band with four chord music. There is a little more depth in this new single and is reflective of a bnd on their third album rather than an early single.

The track is dreamy, floaty and a great song to take us into Winter. Whilst 1994 was a song for playing with a few beers in a festival field with your mates, Soho is more of a feet up in front of the fire with your missus kind of track..and that’s a good thing!

Check the boys in the North East this Sept/Oct and check out Soho

SEPT 29 SUNDERLAND Independent

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