Twist Helix – Pulse

It’s very rare nowadays we get sent a huge synth track to review. With the market seemingly back in full guitar mode, it’s hard for anybody who does anything different to break through. Twist Helix though, a Newcastle synth-trio, are managing to slowly get their music out there and recent single Pulse is proof that with hard work, excellence can be pulled off.

The track is a strange mix of influences, decades and sounds and makes for an interesting listen. Although evidently influenced by the 1980s Pulse is much more Chvrches than Roxette and fits very well in the 2017 music market. The track is almost cinematic in nature though with the accompanying video making what could be a typical indie-pop track feel dark and mysterious.

Bea’s vocals are almost haunting at times; as the track builds, the tension that her vocal creates keeps the track on a constant knife edge and it could drop at any time. This band are one that innovates, breaks boundaries and much of this is down to the brilliance of Bea. This isn’t to dismiss the musical quality that is so strong throughout the band. The driving force of the track is the powerful drum line that runs throughout. Synth bands are often accused of not utilising drums to best effect and Twist Helix are well on their way to understanding how best to use them to suit their bands sound.

The track is a symbol of the Newcastle music scene and everything that is happening in the city regarding venues closing and the dark sound that overhangs on this track is fitting to the dire scenario in one of the UK’s best musical cities.

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