Live: Humber Street Sesh 2017

With UK festivals not having the best of fortnights, Humber Street Sesh proved that with great planning and great organisation, you can indeed organise a great event. With over 30,000 people descending on Hull’s dock, the city felt alive and with a stunning music lineup it was a really good day out. With incredible street food, a carnival atmosphere and some of the UK’s finest musical talent on show, the guys at the Sesh nailed 2017’s festival and we can’t wait for next year already!

After arriving a little later than anticipated we caught the end of the pillgrinns set. They sound riotous but exceptionally tight and I only hope that they’ll be playing locally soon (maybe we can put them on..) so we can see a full set.

Our first full set was from Sheffield’s Liberty Ship a band we’ve admired since first seeing them last November. Their set was polished and we had plenty of people coming up to us saying how good they thought it was. At one point the vocals were even compared to that of Axl Rose, but to be fair, the bloke did look like he was a few beers in. A fantastic set of pure rock n’ roll; Cast Away the highlight.

We then stumbled across Yeti Hunter who brought their type of post-punk to the Dock Stage. With the sun shining and pint in hand, the band performed a huge set and we see a big future ahead of them. Following that we headed over see Wake Up In Vegas who were without doubt one of the day’s best bands. Bringing huge choruses and pop-punk riffs mixed with indie attitude and power, the band had everything. With a bit of practice and national touring, this act could be a big force in 2018.

After a killer Kendal Calling set, it was impossible not to go and see Mint again. New single Hypoallergenic along with Wonderland were huge hits but for me, the best song of the set and indeed the whole day was Jimmy which Zak performed with such elegance it almost felt like his life depended on him nailing that track. I have such admiration for this band and feel like it won’t be long before they headline festivals like this.

Years Young were up next. With Sleeping Easy one of my favourite tracks of the last few years I knew it’d be a long set waiting for it. The band though have a number of big hitting tracks and played to a huge Humber Street Sesh crowd on the Rock Stage. It was a great set and I feel if I saw them inside in an intimate venue, they could rocket to new heights and be a pop-punk force.

Taking my old man to festivals normally results in him finding a new band he has high hopes for; at this years Humber Street Sesh that band was Affairs. Already having put them on at our show in July I knew just what a talent they were but he came away genuinely impressed and wanting to see the band again. Huge compliment!

The surprise act of the day was No Nothings. Being a fan of indie and pop-punk, it would be safe to expect this band to be a little too much but their set on the Strummerville Stage was something else and was the first set of the day to get me dancing. Riotous, loud, but technically brilliant, we will be seeing these guys again for sure.

Just when we thought we’d seen the most energetic set of the day, who else but AVALANCHE PARTY to take it to the next level. Their show had everything from diving in to the crowd, standing on top of a phone box and of course, huge, huge tunes. This band have it all and have the world at their feet, cannot wait to see where they go next.

The day was topped off by the best band on at the Sesh, Fatherson. Although completely biased being their biggest fan, the set was as close to perfect as the band could get for a 30 minute slot. Balancing their heavier tracks with slower moments, it’s hard to argue that Fatherson aren’t one of the best British bands out there right now. From Ross’ vocals, to the tight harmonies, to the pure magic of the riffs, this band are up there with the greatest and are only on the rise.

Humber Street Sesh 2017 was special and we will be back next year for sure!
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