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A-Z of 2017 – Part 2 – G-L

G is for…Glass

The word glass seems to be everywhere in 2017. Whether it’s Liam Gallagher’s triumphant return in “Wall of Glass” or Sunset Lines debut single “Glass”, the word keeps cropping up. Why we’ve chosen it though is for the four, yes four, bands with glass in their name that have smashed 2017 already and are all set for the next level. Glass Caves, Glass Animals, Glass Mountain and Glass Peaks have all had exceptional years with huge releases, UK tours and major support slots. All four have blown us away so far this year and it’s given us plenty of ideas for a potential “Glass Tour”..what do you say guys?

H is for…Hunter and the Bear

Possibly the easiest choice in this whole A-Z is Hunter and the Bear. The British rockers burst on to the scene with debut album Paper Heart this year following releasing a host of tracks on Spotify during the last 12 months. Following a triumphant UK tour, with a second one just announced, filming a video for EVERY track on the album, and promoting the record, 2017 has been a heavy year for the band. They are the most exciting new band in the UK and we cannot wait to follow their story in the next few years.

I is for…In Your Prime

If you haven’t seen this band yet, you officially haven’t lived. In Your Prime are a female fronted band from Leeds who are already playing huge shows across Yorkshire and are set for world domination in 2018. They released debut single “24” last month to great reviews (including from ourselves); at such a young age to be producing this kind of quality is quite scary but exciting. Lead singer Ruby has a voice that shouldn’t be able to come out of someone so young but somehow does and it makes for quite a live spectacle. I honestly cannot wait to see what’s next for these guys but know it’s gonna be massive.

J is for…Jackobins

Another incredibly easy choice for us at J – the Jackobins are a Liverpool band who’ve gone from strength to strength this year with a headline tour, new single Nightfire and a run of huge festival slots. After seeing the band play a tough York gig, I felt a bit sorry for Dom, Veso and co, but having seen them play an incredible Kendal Calling slot, my belief in this band was fully affirmed. They have an edge many bands don’t and Dom’s erratic but superb live delivery makes for enthralling live viewing. With the vocals and musical ability to match the performance, this band could very soon be headlining festivals nationwide.

K is for…Kashmere

Heading out on tour in August, the band have supported H2N for a while now and play two shows for us in Yorkshire on their “Hoxton Tour”. The band have the world at their feet right now and with the release of said single and “Porcelain”, Kashmere have proved both quality and diversity in their sound and has set a great foundation for growth in 2018. Go and see them this month (in Hudds or York ideally) and see what they’re about on the live stage!

L is for…Let Me In

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