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A-Z of music in 2017 so far…

Amazingly, there are only 150 days left in 2017! This year has flown by and the music released and gigs that have been played have been bigger and better than anything that has gone previously. With so much more expected to come in the final few months, we thought we’d run through our A-Z so far. Enjoy!

A is for…ABLE’S ARMY

One of the first bands we saw in 2017 was Able’s Army from Huddersfield. The trio from West Yorkshire have been huge supporters of ours this year and with the recent release of new single Astronaut, have proved themselves as a live force in the area. Expect much more from these guys in 2017 and beyond.


What can we say about the legend that is Billy Bibby. Since interviewing him and the band, they’ve gone from strength to strength playing numerous festivals to packed rooms and tents. With the release of Hamburg setting new standards from the band it could be a very exciting 2018 for Billy Bibby who’ll be looking to build on a very solid year this time round.


The first time we saw Cabezudoz was on one of our shows in York and they blew us away. What shocked us even more was just how nice the five guys from Liverpool are. Since they played for us and helped raise a shit load of money for Oxfam, we’ve tried to catch them at every opportunity. After a stomping Tramlines set in July, it was made very clear that this band are one that have huge ambition and believe in what they’re creating. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these guys.

D is for…Double Denim Live

What a year it’s been for the Double Denim guys. Celebrating their fifth birthday, Mick, Chantel and the team have seemingly taken over the music industry in 2017. Putting on talented bands every week who have gone on to play huge festival sets, there are no better duo at spotting new talent in the UK right now. With another HUGE Kazoopa Festival on the horizon, the only way for these guys is up. Fully expecting the tenth year celebrations to be at Leeds Arena, such is their dominance on the Leeds scene.

E is for…El Capitano

F is for…FAUX PAS

The York band are about to embark on a huge UK tour in September and the venues they’re playing are greatly deserved. With the release of a phenomenal EP, relentless shows including major supporting slots, festivals and big headline shows, 2017 has been the break through year for the band. Joey Leyland is perhaps the best drummer on the York scene right now and drives every performance the band do. It’s great to see such energy at the back of the stage. Ru, Morgan and Lewis all bring something unique to the band and they just gel so well as an outfit. Go and catch them on tour, you won’t regret it!

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