Puppet Theory – I, The King

Last month Manchester band Puppet Theory released their brand new single I, The King. Following first EP Buttons the new track was much anticipate by Halfway 2 Nowhere, so much so we booked them for our first ever live show in York.

The band have something relatively unique as they are focus primarily on raw vocals and power rather than using music to drive their sound. It’s an easy thing to do when you have a lead vocalist like Chris Pickering whose power and presence is reflected so well in their tracks. I, The King is a huge step forward for the young band who have been playing shows across the country in support of its release. With a “Wombats” esque start with sticky drums and brash electric guitar, the track settles down into a much more familiar Puppet Theory sound.

The band somehow create an excellent balance of pure indie with their heavier sound which is now central to their live performances. You can’t help but feel Puppet Theory have so much room to grow and whilst I, The King is an exceptional track, having seen them live, we feel they have a long way to go to reach their full potential.

The full band instrumental section midway through the track reflects the ambition and defines Puppet Theory’s “genre” so to speak. They aren’t just another indie band, they have a heavier edge which will serve them well moving forward. I, The King is the start of something special and Puppet Theory have the making of everything you need to find success in the saturated indie rock market.

Keep your eyes peeled for a huge Puppet Theory announcement on the horizon with Halfway 2 Nowhere – Liverpool, be ready.


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