Misfires – Do You Wanna?

Misfires are a four piece Indie-Rock band from Swindon with a flurry of media praise behind them, and their new single Do You Wanna? doesn’t let up on their current track record. The band’s innate ability to craft timeless-sounding Indie-Rock is perhaps no better exemplified than in this new single, an instantly catchy, guitar driven track which knows its target audience down to what socks their wearing, and hits the mark perfectly.

The opening of Do You Wanna? threw me at first, with the heavy bass line and drum beat I thought the band may have ventured into a heavier sounding area, however, when the squealing guitar riff bursts into life, the track sweats out Indie-Rock influences, from the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Peace, and Foals just to name a few. I have used the word anthemic a lot in recent reviews, but it would be impossible to not use it to describe this track. Do You Wanna? hooks you in with a chorus that is so perfectly designed to have people singing along that it is nearly impossible to hear it without picturing a packed bar or stadium belting it out at the top of their lungs.

Whilst I personally prefer Misfires’ track 22 – mainly due to the lyricism and Libertines-esque rhythm – the sound of Do You Wanna? shows a real development in the band’s ability. The hungry, catchy, and generally massive sound of Do You Wanna? – although while staying very safely within its genre – is a powerful statement of the band’s ability to write great Indie-Rock anthems that could have any crowd in the palm of their hands.


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