Spilt Milk Society – She Tastes Like Summer

Spilt Milk Society’s new single She Tastes Like Summer is an Indie-Rock anthem track with a profoundly intimate atmosphere which will be a welcome addition to Indie-Rock playlists everywhere. The band are a 5 piece from Birmingham, and have released She Tastes Like Summer on the back of an already successful summer with performances at The Great Escape Festival and several sold-out hometown shows.

The track starts off sounding almost MGMT come Neutral Milk Hotel, due to the sparse arrangement, interesting use backing tracks and the intimate delivery of the vocals, the last of which being the thing which most endeared the track to me. The strained, almost insecure sounding exposed vocals atop the, somewhat glittery, underlying tone at the start really create a fantastically atmospheric opening to the track.

It is around the halfway mark that its place on Indie-Rock Spotify playlists everywhere is assured. The drums kick into life and a timelessly catchy wave of sound that is so typical of classic Indie-Rock anthems starts into life, whilst maintaining the tentative delivery of the vocals that such an inescapably captivating drive. It is the sort of song during which you know the direction that it is taking, but it does it so well and there is enough of the band’s own sound to it that it is still refreshing. This single definitely highlights Spilt Milk Society as a very strong component of the Indie-Rock genre, and the potential for them coming off the back of this is massive, provided the band continue to create tracks of this quality.


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