Kashmere – Hoxton

Of the few things I know about Hoxton is that it’s an area in the east end of London, it’s great for a night out, and is near to the wonderful legendary Rough Trade independent record shop. Given Stockport band Kashmere’s new single is also called Hoxton, perhaps they missed a trick by not making reference to that most illustrious of indie music record labels. Nevertheless, Hoxton, their 3rd single (released 30 June 2017) is quite the banger.

From the off there’s a slightly fuzzy retro riff before the song moves into its bounding rolling beat and jingly guitar vibe. The vocals of lead singer Joey Newey meanwhile like the rest of the components of the song are clear, strong, simple and uncomplicated. There’s always something in a light, bouncy, clever indie pop song about an enticing girl (“the Queen of Hoxton”), and this song screams out summer. Kashmere’s latest single track is perfectly timed and pitched.

I like that Kashmere here sound pure and fresh; perhaps there are more experimental bands out there but stripping it back to an uncluttered great quality piece works well for me. After all, this kind of simple stripped back indie sound has worked magic for the likes of Catfish and Bottlemen, another hardworking, honest band we’ve seen steadily grow in status and stature over the past 4 years.

Rather surprisingly considering Kashmere are a band that’s been around for a while (since 2013), they have released just three singles to date. It took 3 years for single one to emerge (“Blow your Mind”) and fortunately things have picked up pace since. Hoxton comes hot on the heels of the strong but slightly earnest second single, the 2017 indie track Porcelain. It must be pleasing for the band that the first two singles have picked up over 150,000 plays on Spotify and trust me; the new release Hoxton is not going to be a laggard.

To my mind, Hoxton is certainly the most immediate and instantly likable track of the three and gives a strong indication of a rapid development for a more accessible sound for the band.

On their Soundcloud account Kashmere declare their music is designed to make crowds move and their lyrics are designed to be shouted back. From this release I’m strongly looking for a chance to see the band doing their stuff live, and fortunately there are plenty of upcoming chances to catch Kashmere live (including the Halfway 2 Nowhere event at Hudderfield’s treasured Parish Pump Pub on 10th August).

Other upcoming live events include what promises to be an amazing headline gig at Manchester Gorilla on 12 August, and York’s Basement on the 19 August. At the end of the summer festival season there’s also an early autumn treat at Ramsbottom’s Head for the Hills on 15 September. My recommendation is to catch Kashmere young and fresh as at this pace it won’t be long before they are doing the bigger venues.

Chris R

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