The Dark LP – Places

Leeds Alt-Rock trio The Dark LP’s latest single Places builds upon their 2015 EP’s electrifying sound, offering more bravado in the anthemic choruses and intense guitar riffs. The band, consisting of Alex Cairns (Vocals and Lead Guitar), Nick Doyle (Bass Guitar), and Richard Parker (Drums), performed most recently at Double Denim at the Underground in Bradford, and the new single Places has been featured by BBC Introducing on BBC Radio Leeds.

Places has no shortage of energy behind it, the crunchy sound of Cairns’ guitar working well with Parker’s forceful, tight drumming to capture that Black-Keys/Royal Blood Blues-Rock atmosphere. Cairns’ guitar playing cannot be undersold in this track, the guitar solo – though I myself am not a particular Guitar Solo fan – is fundamentally fantastic; and, if anything, my only criticism was that there wasn’t enough force behind the actual sound of it in the mix.

On the whole, the track works like a well thought out avalanche, from the slow, heavy beats of the opening verse, to the fast paced, anthemic chorus-driven wall of noise at the end of the track which screams out to be seen live. The reason, however, that I say a ‘well thought out’ avalanche, is because the track can venture a bit too close to Royal Blood’s influence at times; although, this is only a minor affectation and the track has left me very interested to hear an album from the band, to see how they expand upon this immense sound over a full LP. The Dark LP are definitely one to check out, they are performing at the 360 club in the Lending Room in Leeds on the 22nd of September and if there’s one thing  this new track Places cries out for, it’s too be heard live.


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