King Nun – Spunge

King Nun are a quartet of four twenty year old’s from London and have recently released their new single ‘Sponge’, a B-Side to their ear-bursting track ‘Hung Around’. ‘Sponge’ offers a departure from King Nun’s typically catchy violence as exemplified in ‘Hung Around’, instead offering a more obviously carefully constructed track, whilst still maintaining the band’s raw intensity.

The result of King Nun’s more melodic song writing is a track which sounds as though a sponge had been sat in the liquefied remains of 90s grunge and classic punk then wrung out by Jack White and Jarvis Cocker straight into your ear canal.

There is a clear mix of influences in ‘Sponge’, with the Grunge and Punk influences working perfectly in tandem with singer Theo’s just-strained-enough vocals. The fantastically overwrought buzz of guitars found in ‘Hung Around’ which sound like a bee falling into a volcano might have gone here; however, they are replaced by striking, melodic guitar parts which compliment the earnest, and most excitably, interesting lyricism and delivery of the vocals. There is a palpable sense here that real time and consideration has gone into the lyrics – a song which so successfully and sincerely uses a sponge as a metaphor in a song cannot be judged otherwise – and the overall result is a track that is not only immensely catchy, but has something interesting to offer.

If you haven’t checked out King Nun before then I strongly advise you to check them out. Their general violent intensity is something to really get excited about, however, with the melodic earnestness of the new single ‘Sponge’, the raw ability of this band is unavoidably exposed and cements their place as a band definitely not to be missed.



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