In Your Prime – 24

In Your Prime have been on the local Leeds scene for coming up to a year now and have built up quite a reputation as a formidable live band, but ’24’ is the first recorded piece of music we’ve heard from them. It does not disappoint.

The track starts with subtle picked guitar soaked in spacey reverb, and slowly builds, adding the other band members a bit at a time. The anticipation and intensity grows throughout the verse, peaking at the chorus. This band manage to create a huge wall of sound, without it it being overwhelming; there is a huge amount of energy and passion, but there is still depth and emotion throughout.

One thing that cannot go unmentioned is frontwoman Ruby Cooke’s jaw-dropping vocal performance. Cooke has an incredibly powerful voice, and she isn’t afraid to show it off on this song, belting out every word as if it is the last she will ever sing. There seems to be a growing trend of female lead singers in the up and coming scene, and I can really see Cooke standing out amongst the crowd, and really leading the charge.

I don’t want to overlook the other members of the band, who all impress at one point or another in the track, be it the soaring guitar solo or thunderous use of double kick pedal. And what really brings the levels of talent home is the how young these guys are; not one of them is 18 yet, and most of them have just finished their GCSEs, and the youngest member is only 15!! If this is what they can achieve at this point in their careers, I honestly cannot wait to hear what is further down the line. I cannot stress how much you need to listen to the single, or even better, go see them live and get the full In Your Prime experience.

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