H2N picks of 2017 so far

So, we’ve just passed the halfway mark of the year and what a year it has been for music. The demise of Linkin Park, the resurgence of Papa Roach and the mind blowing Royal Blood album have all been distinct highlights so far. But H2N is a grassroots blog, a group of people who champion music you haven’t heard but definitely should have. We’ve collated our top picks of the year so far bringing you the lowdown on who you should be listening to before the year is out.

Adam (Editor)

2017 has been an incredible one so far; I’ve been to a tonne of shows all of which have exceeded expectations. From the start of the year seeing York band Pura Vida to my most recent venture to Community Festival to see RedFaces and The Hunna, it has been one of memories and will continue to amaze me no doubt. My top five releases of 2017 are varied and are ones you should all get on your headphones this week!

Palmes – Tourism (Single)
Rival Bones – Rival Bones (EP)
Swim – Glass Caves (Single)
Some People – JUDAS (Single)
Paper Heart – Hunter and the Bear (Album)

Dana (Contributor)

2017 has brought with it continual political controversies. Youthful distaste with the conservative government can no longer go unnoticed following the most recent general election. Music this year has reflected overriding feelings of anguish towards both ongoing political disarray and the terrorist movement.

These choices are all fine examples of how artists are finally choosing to speak out with confidence about current issues affecting our society and the distractions we incorporate into our lives to soften them. No doubt this musical revolution will carry forward into the remainder of the year too…

Album: Modern Ruin by Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes
EP: We The Rats by Strange Bones
Single: I Only Lie When I Love You by Royal Blood

Chris (Contributor)

If you can’t find great music you are just looking in the wrong place. I could have happily have pulled together a top 10 in a heartbeat for the year so far – I’m particularly sorry Atlas Wynd, Young Fathers and The Orwells just missed the cut. What I’m mainly enjoying this year are re-imaginings and updates of sounds from previous years; anything from hippy stuff through early 1980’s jangly pop to fresher style Happy Mondays. This is music to gladden a jaded heart – play on.

Temples – Certainty (Volcano)
Indigo Husk – Goes Round Comes Around
Larkins – Sugar Sweet
Solsara – Day of The Dead – The Shop of Dubious Legality EP
Shame – Tasteless

Sam (Author)

2017 has been huge for music so far, with long awaited releases like Deaf Havana’s ‘All These Countless Nights’ and Royal Blood’s ‘How Did We Get So Dark’, but there has also been a huge amount of support for up and coming bands. Gig attendance seems to be increasing, and we’ve seen major radio supporting smaller bands and bands that are breaking much more; just look at the fact that the Radio 1 Playlist now includes the likes of Declan McKenna, and that young bands such as Faux Pas (some friends of mine) can make it onto national radio. I think this year is looking great so far for music, and with much more to come in the next 6 months it’s going to be an exciting one all round.

Best Album – VANT – Dumb Blood


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