Live: Glass Mountain & Brooders – Crescent, York

If my many years of gig attending has taught me anything, it’s that shows where you go expecting nothing at all more often than not end up being some of the best nights out. Tuesday night at the Crescent in York was no different as Glass Mountain and Brooders closed their UK tour in style.

Opening up proceedings were Honey Smugglers, a band H2N saw support the Jackobins back in May. In just over a month, the band have significantly improved their live sound to the point where they are about ready to embark on a tour of their own. Lead singer Sam Lightfoot-Loftus has a presence lacking in a number of young York bands and it seems like the four-piece are destined to succeed. Mixing original tracks, with powerful, unlikely covers, the band effortlessly powers through a fast half hour set and leaves the crowd and in fact us, wanting more.

One of the most exciting bands on the York scene right now are Faux Pas, so when next band Fossa walked on stage with two Faux Pas members, I was immediately excited. Normally the irritating one on the right hand side playing bass guitar, lead guitarist of Fossa, Morgan Lindley, was the stand out performer. It was a strong set with powerful lead vocals from the band and with a little bit of tightening on all of the tracks, the band could become something special in time.

On to the main event, and it’s very rare I go see a main support these days that I have never seen before, let alone never heard. Brooders, were a band that I’d heard a lot about but never got round to clicking play on any tracks so in light of Glass Mountain topping the bill and the supports that had opened, I was shocked when the band launched into a set of grunge and noise. There was an energy that was oozing from the entire band that filled the room with a sound I hadn’t heard in some time. From loud and brash, to low and grungy, the band proved their ability to not be just a heavy hitting Nirvana tribute band. The atmospheric opening to most tracks added depth and allowed the band to build each track up to stratospheric level. It was one of those sets that, for me, didn’t break any boundaries or set anything alight, but was a solid, strong 7/10 and was a great base for improvement down the line.

Closing the night were  Bradford band Glass Mountain who quite simply stole the show. Although it was a slow start, by the third track the band were well in their stride. The melodic chords that were a staple of each chorus were balanced so intricately with harmonies, and off beat verses that made for some spectacle. Complementing the music were interesting videos on a white sheet which brought a new depth to the set. Although largely unrelated, you were drawn to the fast moving images whilst the band were slogging away. Glacial and Cowboy Song were the set highlights and if the band can continue to grow in the way those two songs do, we’ll be seeing them in much bigger venues very soon. A great night all in all, and the perfect way to escape the damp reality of the British weather.



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