Lyerr – In Principio

Upcoming lively guitar band Lyerr recently released their four track debut EP In Principio. Not shying away from their Manchester identity, the EP is a fine example of what strong vocals accompanied by electric riffs can create. Lyerr consists of Ryan Johnson (Vocals/Guitar), Samuel Greene (Guitar), Rory Magner (Bass), James Kershaw (Drums).

Opening track ‘The Doctors Orders’ sets the overall high energy of the EP. With its infectious guitar riffs and intense Manchester vocals, it’s not hard to hear a huge Brit Pop influence shining throughout – this being said, Lyerr don’t have a particularly generic sound and there’s definitely space out there for them to excel in. This track is the strongest of the EP, it is most definitely set for radio-play, it’s got the necessary commercial yet heavy edge that is seen in bands within the same field.

The second track ‘Will You Be Alright?’ has an almost Arctic Monkeys feel to it, with the lyric ‘if I’m not here, will you be alright?’ defining the song. The way in which the lyrics are both written and sung will have every indie-rock enthusiast pressing repeat.


Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.13.13


‘Belladonna’ and ‘Will You Be Alright?’ share a similar sound and structure with the opening track. The way in which Lyerr chose to list the songs may cause criticism as the final track of the ep, ‘On The Run’, does have a more unique sound in comparison to the rest. The band may have benefitted from mixing the track list up and sticking ‘On The Run’ somewhere in the middle to avoid the listener feeling like they’re listening to one huge song in comparison to three separate ones.

There’s not a bad song on In Principio, each one offers an exciting glimpse of what is to come from Lyerr. The band have a definite future and this EP is a great representation of why. Although consistent, the band may want to work on mixing up the way in which they formulate their songs – just to ensure they don’t become a band with every single song sounding the same.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 15.26.32

The EP is available to listen to through the following links:



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