Futuresound “Ones to Watch” Ready to Takeover Leeds

The Futuresound “Ones to Watch” competition kicks off it’s residency at The Wardobe in Leeds tonight with three superb artists bidding for a coveted spot at this August’s Leeds Festival. There will be 12 incredible heats, each consisting of three of the best young artists on the scene at the moment. Although different genres, styles and musical abilities, all 36 bands have one thing in common, the dream of playing at Leeds Festival 2017. Each night promises to be special and we promise to bring you as much coverage as we humanly can (any events with a star we’ll be there)! Here’s all the details you need to know for each night.

Heat One – 23rd June
Kata Rayna / Laminate Pet Animal / Mugen

* Heat Two – 24th June *
Don Gonzo / Honey Arcade / Sounds Like a Storm

Heat Three – 29th June
Engine / Lamia / Luna Pines

* Heat Four – 7th July *
Green Gardens / La Rissa / Pacifica

* Heat Five – 9th July *
Ormstons / Tunnel / The Hyde

Heat Six – 13th July
Jellyskin / Kell / Koyo

* Heat Seven – 15th July *
Courtyards / Distorted Sky / Furr

* Heat Eight – 16th July *
Northern Shore / The Gallery / WBAM

* Heat Nine – 20th July *
Conflare / Heir / Victors

* Heat Ten – 21st July *
Atlanta House / Kumiko / Marmadukes

Heat Eleven – 27th July
Brooders / Dead Naked Hippies / Peakes

Heat Twelve – 28th July
Lunablind / Reed / Rock Bottom Risers

I’m sure you’ll agree, what Futuresound have concocted is rather superb. If you’d like to guest review any of these shows for Halfway 2 Nowhere, email Adam at and we can sort you a review ticket out. It’d be great to get coverage on every night! Get yourself out to at least one of these shows and see just how talented Leeds can be!



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