H2N Singles – Able’s Army – Astronaut 

Yesterday two Huddersfield giants released new singles, Palmes with Tourism and today’s feature is the awesome lads from Able’s Army with Astronaut.

Up until now, much of what we’ve heard from the band has been vocally dominated by James but anyone who has seen them live will know their USP is the fact they ultimately have two lead singers. It’s therefore fitting that the new track is one that’s largely sung by Mike and adds a new sound to the band on track.

Starting with a typical 90s riff Mike’s vocal comes in for the first verse. The song is relaxed, chilled some would say but knowing the band and seeing the track performed live, this song is anything but as chilled as it comes across. The chorus has everything expected from a Yorkshire indie track but the band aren’t scared to embrace their native accent. Able’s Army, rather than over produce the track, have made a song that reflects the way they sound as best as possible and it’s brilliant.

I do love this band, although they might not be the world’s most talented band yet, they understand what it’s like to have fun, make music they want to make and when played live it really does come to life. Astronaut is a great step for the band away from Sober Side and Toluca and adds much to their current repertoire. Keep an eye out for future releases but for now here’s Astronaut!

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