H2N Singles – Palmes – Tourism

Palmes are back with a brand new single following on from El Capitano back in March. We’ve followed this band (quite literally at times) for a while now and are really excited for their future. Tourism is their new track that once again builds on their last release and is currently sat in our Top 40 of 2017 so far!

Starting with a string of infectious indie hooks, Palmes quickly bring in their notable synth sound and Ryan’s vocal. Sounding very much like a Pulp track if they knew how to produce music the song soars into the catchiest chorus of 2017.

And I wanna take a look, outside. I wanna take a tour I wanna sail the seas. 

At times the classiness of the synths and drum mix sounds like a 30 Seconds to Mars track, before Ryan’s vocals bring it back to being a classic indie pop tune. It’s really is a well produced track with so much more going on that initially seems.

When Tourism bursts into its middle eight it drops into a huge solo before Ryan builds the track from bottom to top again in proper Pulp style. The final chorus should be the final part of all Palmes sets in future. Tourism is their best song to date and will take some beating.

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