H2N Singles – M I S F I R E S

What a rollercoaster few months it’s been since the release of Come on Over, which we reviewed back in February, for M I S F I R E S. After supporting The Sherlocks on tour and playing their biggest show to date with The Hunna, the band are going from strength to strength. Today they released their brand new single “Tonight” and we must warn you now, it might just melt your face off.

Starting in pure Vaccines style, Tonight comes out with guns blazing with a fast, dancy riff to get everybody moving. The infectious vocal slowly builds before bursting into the chorus. It’s catchy, it’s exactly what M I S F I R E S have been putting out for the last twelve months but this new track has an edge to it not seen before. The guitars are heavier, the vocal more raw and it really shows off the potential the band have in the indie industry.


The track’s made for a raucous crowd, a young crowd that the band appeal to who have no cares in the world and want to have a good time. The band have left a slow, building middle eight that is almost tailor made for a pit. You can see it now live, getting the crowd to sit down, building anticipation and letting everything go when the song explodes into the final chorus. M I S F I R E S are smart, they know who their crowd is and what they like but critics would be naive to say this is just another indie track that only appeals to 16 year old girls. I’m neither 16 nor a girl and it’s the tracks ability to get me moving at my desk, in the garden, in a bar – it works almost anywhere and that is a hard trick to master yet so early in their career M I S F I R E S have managed it.

Catch them on tour in the next few weeks – if you are young and have GCSE or exam stress fear not as the band have moved their show forward to have early curfews so no excuses! Tour dates can be found here –>

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