H2N Single Review – The Jackobins

Since we first saw The Jackobins explode onto our radar at Y Not Festival last year the band have been hard at work recording their latest single “Nightfire” released today (5th May) to incredible reviews. After making H2N Top 40 of 2016 with “Hasty” it’s certainly looking like we’ll be seeing the Jackobins in our Top 40 for a second year running with this track.


Where perhaps the band have been rightly criticised in the past is their songs often come up short on technical ability. Yes Hasty is incredible, but its more fun than finesse – Nightfire though blows them critics out of the water though with a much smoother, polished track with masses of technical ability that has perhaps lacked in the past. The track builds slowly with haunting lyrics before exploding into the first chorus which is sure to have everyone dancing on the huge UK run of dates they’re currently on (see below). What follows though is a track of pure passion but control. It’s emotional, powerful and builds to a crescendo that was very unexpected. The last thirty seconds are a raucous fight for who can play their instruments loudest with crashing drums, huge guitar riffs and a dominant synth track.

“Nightfire’s concept arises from the idea that when it comes to inner struggle we should open up, rather than let pride act as a vice. Sometimes our demons are extremely close to consuming ones identity and too compelling to fight on our own. It’s a song reminding us that we shouldn’t forget that even tho at times it might seem so, we’re never alone.”

The track really does have a bit of everything and has taken the band away from their early rock style and presents a more indie-rock/pop sound. You almost can’t quite place the decade it’s most inspired by at times. It’s a perfect blend of everything that makes a killer 80s track, it has the catchiness of 90s Britpop and has the balance of an indie rock track straight out of the 21st Century. If you had to ascribe one word to describe the song, it would have to be “anthemic”. Without doubt, Nightfire is the best track The Jackobins have released to date – this, for me, is the start of this band. With lineup changes last year and a steady 2015, this is the fresh start the Liverpool lads need and deserve and we can expect them to be selling out much bigger venues than those currently, very very soon.

If you want to catch them on tour the dates are below – we’ll be catching up with the guys in York on the 14th May so look out for our interview at the end of the month.


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