In Conversation With…In Your Prime

“Under a carpet doorway” at Sucker Punch Festival, we spoke to the incredible In Your Prime before their main support slot. This bunch of young people are one of the most exciting bands I’ve seen so far this year both supporting The Elephant Trees and at Sucker Punch Festival and it was a pleasure to interview them before their inevitable rise.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the band, they described their sound as “alt-rock anthems” and “heavier than generic indie”. They take influence from a range of genres and bands including Young Guns, “we strive for Young Guns to be honest”, Meshuggah and Fleetwood Mac…interesting.

I asked how they got drafted in for Sucker Punch and got given this amazing opportunity. “We played at Santiago bar and Tyler was doing sound for that and he was just like, he liked us and said we’ll put you on the bill for Sucker Punch.” The thing is though this was far from just an “on the bill set” this band got given the main support slot which they seemed quite shocked with. “We’re still relatively small, we were just like alright..”.

2017 has been cool so far for the band, “April has been a busy month for us, we played at the Key Club last night with The Gallery, playing The Wardrobe with Honey Arcades, we’ve been working on a single at the moment so just working on that.” The band only got together last year which is incredible to be honest considering how accomplished they are, “we got together at the end of August, we had two shows in 2016 and it was just about progressing from there really this year.” The highlight of their short career so far was…”Elephant Trees was the highlight of our life so far by far.”

The rest of the year is all about “getting ourselves out there, we’re all still growing as a band.” “When you’re in an alt rock band with a metal drummer we have to learn how to tone things down. We’re all still growing as musicians so it’s learning whats best.” The guys said though that they think it’s great that they’re so eclectic, “it definitely keeps things interesting. We all enjoy our music but we all different to different stuff. We do it all together in one room so bounce off each other. I go off separately to go write lyrics but other than that we play all together. ” They reeled off a number of different genres and artists again when I asked what was the best gig each of them had seen, from the 1975 at the Cockpit, to Grimes, to ROAM and Boston Manor, it’s clear that despite a young age they have serious depth in the styles of music that influence their sound.


As I ask everybody, “whats the music bucket list item”, In Your Prime suggested playing Leeds Festival, a huge academy gig and travelling as up there, but they also said “just having people know our songs and know us would be just the best.” In relation to travelling and touring, if In Your Prime could tour with anyone we’d be seeing them play gigs with The Elephant Trees, Young Guns and ROAM, if they had any say in the matter. It seemed like they were all really empathetic to Elephant Trees indicating “they strongly influenced us getting together being female fronted. We volunteered at centre stage last year and met them there and they deserved to win to be honest I think.”

The next part of the interview was something I’ve a) never come across in the industry and b) am disappointed that I have. When asked what would they change they were all in agreement. “For us it would be that we get people who are dicks about our age which is annoying, people are a bit judgy, they just presume because we’re young we’re not good, we just want people to just give us a chance”. “Promoters might feel a bit weird about putting us on but we feel like we can’t tell them our age straight away so they’re not put off.” This is outrageous if you ask me, music should be based on talent and talent alone and these guys are one of the most talented artists I’ve seen in 2017 and if I could do anything to change this culture I would.


As always I finished with some stupid questions; what movie character would you be threw up some belters this time with answers ranging from Shrek, Jaja Binks, Dewey in School of rock and…”That guy in Mamma Mia”. I then concluded asking them to describe each other in a sentence; we had Ethan being “the nicest person ever”, Matt (Drums_ being just “Abstract”, Ieuan is “lanky”, Matt (guitars) “the one with riffs” and Ruby’s description summed up the band just perfectly, “you’re really small but you’ve got such a big mouth”. Excellent.

In Your Prime, thanks for being amazing, good luck with 2017, you deserve to smash it!!



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