Deep.Sleep ‘1994’ Single Review

Deep.Sleep are: Dan, Jack, Snazy and Louis

Genre: Indie Rock

For fans of: The 1975, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Circa Waves

Newcastle’s finest new band Deep.Sleep released their first single of the year ‘1994’ yesterday and they tease us with the notion that there is plenty more to come soon…

The band have been working very hard to build up a solid fan base over the past year and it is certainly paying off as their single launch show quickly sold out. With just over 1000 Facebook likes now, Deep.Sleep are hoping that the new releases will gradually gain them more fans. If the music quality remains as high as in ‘1994’ then there is no doubt that the boys shall thrive in the industry.

1994’ epitomises nostalgia, instantly taking you back to a time when you were young and dumb, but perhaps should have still known better. Opening line: ‘I’m 19 and I’m still getting wiser’ represents this part of many people’s lives with strong, and perhaps a tad tender, relatability.  This is the song which started the band and lyrically one of their most honest so they admit that its release came with a certain sense of vulnerability. They could never be sure how it would be received by the public, but feel that such relevance is what young people need in music right now.

The guys had nothing to worry about though of course, because this single has premiered very successfully; reaching the high expectations set by their consistently engaging live performances. What makes the single even more impressive however, is the fact that the band produced it independently. With the aid of a record label, Deep.Sleep are set for great things so why not get ahead of the crowd and check them out now?

Listen to the hit single ‘1994’ on Spotify now and keep a look out for new releases from Deep.Sleep coming soon via their Facebook page and twitter:  @deep.sleepUK

Catch them live at their next gig in Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle on Thursday 4th May with four other fantastic local bands for just £6 too:

Reviewed by: Dana Wilson


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