OtherPeoplesLives – Endless Wave – Reviewed

At the start of April, we went to the Fulford Arms to check out OtherPeoplesLives, a band from Leeds, for the first time. Described as “doom pop” the band merge deep sounding, hanging vocals with echoing harmonies and melodic lead guitars to great effect and the live sound came across really well. Whilst predominantly a mellow set, the band can certainly get into one hell of a groove when they let go and it was a pleasure to see them for the first time in York on April 1st.

This week the guys release “Endless Wave” their new single which is available to stream via Soundcloud now. It’s so easy nowadays to draw comparisons to bands when you hear new music and “Endless Wave” is no different. Taking inspiration from Interpol, Tall Ships and Post Glamour Girls, the track is a piece of art that although does match the “doom pop” description, is much more indie and post-rock than the band would perhaps like to admit.

Matt’s vocals throughout are haunting and at times chilling whilst the lead riff that flows throughout the track adds a certain depth that many indie bands lack. The track is definitely a slow-burner but I like that; too often bands think they need to come out with a track that has huge hooks, a fast tempo and complicated bass and drum lines. OtherPeoplesLives prove with Endless Wave that mellow, considered music is not dead and has its place in the industry. This isn’t to say the track is simple though, timely synth notes and beautiful production make the track one of 2017s outstanding numbers so far. No, I don’t come away excited or thrilled but I do come away feeling like I’ve listened to a piece of music that means something to four guys trying to make their way in the industry. It’s genuine music, not four chords, not Oasis, something new, something unique and defies genres as we know them. The track is officially released on 24th April so don’t forget to download it!

The band are performing at Oporto Bar in Leeds on May 29th so catch them then 🙂

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