In conversation with…Shadow Palace (featuring JUDAS)

Double Denim seems to go from strength to strength week after week. Friday 31st March was no different as JUDAS headlined Verve with a band we had never seen before in support. That band was Shadow Palace, a group of lads from Oldham who blew me away with their sound. It wasn’t britpop, it wasn’t indie it was an individual sound powered by huge hooks, booming harmonies and a lead vocal that is worthy of the big leagues. Before their set we caught up with the band to talk all things Shadow Palace.

So, who have we got, what do you play?

Ben: I’m Ben, lead guitar, I play keyboard, and backing vocals
Harry: I’m Harry I’m rhythym guitar and I sing as well
Dan: I’m Dan and I’m bass player
Will: Will, I play drums

Where does the name come from then?

Ben: Basically, what we did was, it was like Countdown but for a band name. I was counting down and basically did the whole Countdown thing and said Shadow Palace at the end. That’s how it came about really.

If you could describe your sound in a sentence what would it be?

Harry: Post-punk with psychedelia.
Ben: Basically what it is is Johnny Marr, with Echo and the Bunnymen with Taylor Hawkins and then whatever Dan plays basswise.
Harry: It’s quite a unique sound really, not many bands play how we play

So you guys are from Oldham, how’s the scene there?

Harry: For the people who live there absolutely fantastic. Oldham’s been dead for years
Ben: Since The Castle shut it’s been a bit shit. Can I swear?
Harry: This can’t be an interview this can it we’ve just been talking about Countdown..

Yeah, yeah this is it…

How did tonight come about?

Ben: Mick Dolman, Double Denim Live, we played a sold out show at The Castle Hotel last week. Absolutely buzzing, piss and beer everywhere. Shout out to the Claremonts, they’re absolutely fucking sick. Shout out to Mint as well, they’re absolutely mint. Oh here come JUDAS, here they are. Hashtag @WeAreJudas!

Alright lads, we were just talking Mick and Chantel.

John: Absolute legends, they’ve been our champions. We first played with them over a year and ago and always put us on when they need to.

Ben: Yeah we had a sold out show last week at The Castle, JUDAS are at Jimmy’s soon, when is it?

John: We don’t know really. Gonna be great though. End of May I think. Is that a good place to play?

Ben: Yeah it’s mint really good.

I’ll ask you boys the same thing then, if you could describe your sound in a sentence what would that be?

John: Ah what’s that thing from Mary Poppins..Supercalifragilisticexpialidocous…

What’s next for both of you then?

John: Well we’ve got a gig in about an hour

Ben: Yeah same in about half an hour. Into the studio for us doing a single called Stormy Shelter. Then we’re playing at Atima with The Claremonts then we’re booking a headline show at Soup Kitchen or Night and Day then it’s festival season.

John: We’ve been in the studio and we’re heading back there on Monday

James: We’re at a festival tomorrow and Sheffield tomorrow night which will be good. It’s the first time we’ve played in Derby actually then we’re at DPP in June.

Todd: Yep few things this weekend then back to the studio before the tour. Can’t wait to be honest.

[Shadow Palace] So how was last week in Manchester?

Ben: Sold out, Mint were the support and absolutely sick.

John: Yeah we had them guys on in London and they’re great lads they always message us asking us to come out.

Ben: it was a capacity gig it was ace. A66 were good.

Harry: Motorway banter, I love this trend of bands naming themselves after motorways. There’s already a band called M62

And new material from you guys?

Harry: Yeah new single coming on 1st May called Speak My Mind. Then straight back into the studio to do Stormy Shelter.

If you could tour with anyone who would it be?

Harry: Dolly Parton, she has a lot of burgers on tour.

Ben: Probably Prince I don’t know.

If you could change one thing about the industry what would it be?

Harry: Get rid of our guitarist haha. Nah I’d de-democratise it, get rid of the politics.

Ben: Get rid of the shite.

Harry: Yeah there’s too much shite, get rid of the indie labels.

Unfortunately the guys had to dash off to soundcheck, we’ll have a proper interview with the guys in the very near future and we’ll be reviewing their new single at the start of next month!



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