Hiva OA have created a wonderful, exciting mess of a track with “Astroturfing”

Belfast band Hiva OA last week released their new single “Astroturfing”. Here’s what we thought.

The band have had excellent coverage so far with support from the likes of BBC 6 Music, The Times and Clash and their new song is set to rocket them into the big leagues. The band have established a unique sound and with the strong vocal and crashing drums throughout, they set themselves aside from many in the industry today. It sounds dark yet inviting, haunting but powerful and it is an intriguing, short track.

As I mentioned, the sound of Hiva OA is unique and something I’ve certainly not heard before. The vocals, drums and music seem like they don’t all belong in the same track such is the mix of sounds, yet after a few listens, and after appreciating it for what it is (something new) you realise the mixing and the production really works well together. It’s a wonderful mess of music that somehow works and at 1 minute 55 seconds, it’s two minutes of your life  you can’t afford not to have in your life at some point.

Although the song is vocal heavy and driven by lead singer Stephen, the track does have some spectacular drum beats and guitar notes to die for. This is an artist that can and will go places, this track sets them apart from others not just in the genre but in the industry and sets Hiva OA up well to build from.  Look out in 2017 for their upcoming EP.

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