Live: Decade – Key Club, Leeds

Decade are a band that I’d been waiting to see since Slam Dunk 2012! Somehow tour dates didn’t match up with availability but on Tuesday 7th March, finally, I got to see them again touring brand new (★★★★★) album Pleasantries.

Unfortunately due to complications in the neighbouring KFC (they had run out of chicken) we missed local band Dire Bloom open; I asked a few people in the crowd how they were and it was resoundingly positive so we will endeavour to catch them next time they’re playing. Wallflower were up next, a band known for their energetic, clean performances and they certainly delivered. There was a chemistry that not many bands so effortlessly show in live performances but with huge riffs and smooth harmonies, the set was a perfect opener for the night ahead. This week they’re supporting The Maine at the huge Electric Ballroom so if you have tickets for that show you’re in for a treat.

Now, the next band on, in a similar way to Decade, I’ve been looking for a date that fit my schedule. Since the release of “On a Bamboo Sleeping Mat” last year it has been a personal mission to find a Big Spring show to attend. They made me wait to hear it though, ending the set with it, but the tracks that preceded it were, in short, stunning. There was a certain confidence about the band as soon as they walked out on the stage despite not being a pop-punk band, playing in a pop-punk venue, to a pop-punk crowd. They knew that their music was good enough to light up the Key Club crowd and they were not wrong. It was a blistering set that reminded me of early Foo Fighters crossed with Royal Blood. There were huge choruses, deep hanging bass riffs and being quite honest, I haven’t seen a band deliver such a complete performance this year (and I saw Green Day in February). The final track didn’t disappoint either and even though the band cemented that as one of last years best songs, the stand out track was December release “5th July” which showed the huge potential this band have. I captioned the band’s Instagram photo “the future of British rock” – on reflection I’m not sure I agree. I think they’re good enough now to be the face of British rock. People should be celebrating Big Spring, people need to know about this band and I’m so glad I’ve caught them intimately before they are one of the planet’s most successful acts.

How do you follow that then? The answer? Very, very well. Decade certainly set themselves up to fail by billing Big Spring as their main support. They’re much heavier, much more musically astute but I think they knew what they were doing because all my doubts were gone about 30 seconds in to Peach Milk. It takes a certain amount of confidence to play four brand new tracks on the bounce to open a set but any pop-punk band knows if there’s anywhere this is going to work, it’s the Key Club. The crowd was electric, singing every word back to Turn off your TT and Human Being, proving to the band that Pleasantries is an excellent live record.

Where the set came alive though was when British Weather dropped. The entire crowd was bouncing, screaming and remembering, probably, when they fell in love with the band. A run of classics ending with Brainfreeze energised the already buzzing crowd and what was so beautiful about it was the smiles on the band’s face. They were enjoying the show, you could tell they didn’t want to leave Leeds that night and it was a great feeling as a fan to see. The band ended by running through a number of new tracks closing with Daisy May in wonderful fashion. The whole show felt real, felt like it wasn’t “them and us”, we were all together in the Decade family and all in all it was a special night I’ll remember till 2021 when I next see them.

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