From Paris to Yorkshire: Apollo Junction release summer anthem

It seemed that in 2016 with “This Could Be The Day” Apollo Junction  had found their sound. They were settled on being the next Shed Seven, the next wrong we were. The band from Yorkshire recently released new single “Paris” which is as far from their 2016 release as possible within the indie-pop genre and it’s bloody brilliant (excuse my French).

With the opening piano chords sounding very similar to the opening of “Hold Back the River” you’d be excused for thinking the song was going to be another indie belter. When the vocal kicks in though you realise the band are trying something new and at first listen works really well. The controlled drum beat drives the track into the chorus which is a simple, infectious repetition of “We can dance in Paris” and as the band point out it goes “over and over and over again.”

Now, I’m not going to kid anybody and say “Paris is a lyrically brilliant song because it isn’t. What it is though is a summer anthem, a party tune to get people moving and with that as it’s motive it delivers on all levels. If at an Apollo Junction live show anybody isn’t both singing every lyric and subsequently dancing to the track shouldn’t be there. What the band have done is create a song that no matter what type of music you’re into, you’ll enjoy. It’s catchy, it’s repetitive, it’s everything you want from a great indie-pop song that will sound brilliant in a live set. Will I listen to it “over and over and over again” on track..probably not. Will I enjoy it at festivals this bet I will and so will everyone in packed tents across the UK.

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