The Elephant Trees launch new track worth of festival main stages

Formed in 2015, The Elephant Trees are one of the most exciting bands to come out of the UK in the last couple of years. Taking inspiration from an eclectic range of artists from Biffy to Ed Sheeran, it’s understandable that every song the band have are different, have a new spin on and 90 Degrees is no different.

The song starts very differently to what was anticipated with the band often siding with more acoustic style’s of music. Instead heavy, staccato guitars kick the song off before Martha’s strong vocal crashes in. The rough riff continues throughout the verse into the catchy chorus hook. The track is full of energy with fun lyrics mixed with darker tones. The lead guitar middle eight section sets the track alight and the progression into the final chorus is sure to be a crowd pleaser (cue the pits) and almost sounds like a different song entirely.

The track is ambitious, explosive and quite simply brilliant. The way in which the music layers is fantastic with the subtle but heavy bassline that runs throughout a particular highlight. Unlike other tracks, Martha’s more singer-songwriter style doesn’t come through as much here and their other influences take over (no complaints from me) and I think that this track is almost needed for the live show, to give the set some “oomph” so to speak. This track has propelled them from being a band that belongs on the smaller stages producing high quality music to a band that can set the main stages on fire and make the bigger acts keep one eye over their shoulder.

If you want to hear this track as it should be, head down to The Wardrobe in Leeds for the Launch (2nd March) tickets here –>



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