El Capitano set to send Palmes to the next level and beyond

If you’ve read this blog before (which I’m sure you have) you’ll know that the first time we listened to Palmes on track we weren’t there biggest fan. Then we saw them live and fell in love with the guys. Still, to date there hasn’t been a Palmes release that has got me excited, really echoed their live shows…Until now.

El Capitano, released this weekend is the fourth release from Palmes. As it kicks in I’m transported straight to the 1980s with big synths, tight harmonies and a classy guitar line. The synth backing is much more subtle than in previous Palmes tracks and as the anthemic chorus kicks in – the song much better reflects how a live Palmes show sounds.

With the guitars centre stage rather than the synths, the sound is overwhelmingly stronger than last single T.V. There are some epic, distinct riffs that run through the track at key points that give it a rougher feel than Palmes fans might well be used to. With Judas esque backing vocals and a rousing second chorus, at two minutes long the song actually feels complete. Job done, 6/10 track.

But then..Ryan must have had some sort of brain wave as the progression on the track builds, and builds and builds even more with incredible layering even I didn’t think the band were musically capable of. A huge Catfish style solo then ensues and you can only think of how insanely good it will sound live (at the Parish on 4th March, shameless plug). The final chorus, which is sure to be a mass singalong live tops the song of wonderfully. Even the fade out is perfect, this will be a “set-ender”, the song that Palmes will be known for, even if they put out better songs in the future. It really does have everything.

When a track is this good you worry for other bands who are trying to do similar things. El Capitano is genre defining. It’s anthemic yet subtle and what Palmes have done is create an incredible piece of music that they can be seriously proud of. Don’t miss them launch the track on the 4th March at Parish Huddersfield with a bunch of classy bands. This is the real deal, you heard it here first.


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