Bizzy Lizzy – Single Review – The Cult Collective

The last time we reviewed The Cult Collective and their track Seeking Thrills we said that

 “[Seeking Thrills] sets the basis for what The Cult Collective are capable of and leaves the listener wanting a bigger, bolder track for their next offering.”

The listener’s wishes have come true with new single Bizzy Lizzy. Starting with a huge, groovy riff reminiscent of the Definitely Maybe years. The riff continues and then the song begins layering with lead, low hanging vocals and a killer drum beat. The indie-pop harmonies that the band have mastered on this track are a step I didn’t think the band would take after previous releases – rather than hit a new indie market the band have, to their credit, gone for the main indie market and good luck to them because I think they’re capable of doing well in it.

The band said “Bizzy Lizzy” is a song about “sleeping with someone that you shouldn’t have slept with, and having huge regrets about it after.” Awkward right? Our last review suggested a bigger, bolder track was needed and although the track is both of these things I can’t help but feel the band can still do better. Rather than being Oasis the band are currently floating at The Cribs level and they might be happy with that, who wouldn’t be happy with that, but there’s the potential to get to those dizzy heights if the guys from the West Midlands dare to dream.

The EP is on it’s way – maybe, just maybe by then they’ll have realised just 10% of their potential and can push on in their live shows in 2017 and really deliver something they can be proud of. Listen to Bizzy Lizzy here.

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