Local Hero Promotions – Holmfirth Part Two – Palmes

The way this article ends is very, very different to the way it begins. It really is amazing that, going into the show at Holmfirth, Palmes were the band I was least looking forward to seeing. I thought their music was good but uninspiring, catchy but largely unoriginal and a bit like Ables Army took me a long time to get in to. Admittedly I am still not a huge fan of TV on track (their latest single) but live, the band really are something else.


When they came out on stage they had a smile as if suggesting “we’re gonna smash this” and that’s exactly what they did. They came out with a bang and my perceptions immediately changed. There were more guitars, raw, great vocals and drumbeats better than so many bands I’ve seen at this level. I was hooked. Again, being completely honest, the way in which the band before them Ables Army had nailed their set, I was a bit worried for them but the set that followed was genuinely superb.

By the time the band were playing the likes of All Grey and Oslo I was actually beginning to think Palmes’ set was the best debut I’d ever seen. Even T.V. a song I will almost always skip when it comes on Spotify (maybe a little over-exaggeration) was great live. Now that isn’t to say I don’t like the synths – I do and I love Chvrches who have clearly inspired their sound, but the guitars and drums work so well live together that they almost feel additional rather than necessary. But that’s what I love about this band – they make the music they want to make and although their performance had huge riffs and hooks taken straight from the early 2000s (Stereohphonics/Kings of Leon esque)  the bands commitment to the music they love, and the musical style they want to shape themselves into, made me realise just how good they are. It won’t be too long before I’m seeing them again that’s for sure!

We caught up with Callum, Ryan and Ash after their set in what can only be described as a drunken mess of a chat – entertaining nonetheless, about 50% cannot be published and I’m sure they wouldn’t want it published. This is what we were left with!

So, Local Hero Promotions – how was tonight’s set for you?

R: That was the best venue we’ve ever played. We’ve played Wardrobe [Leeds] before but yeah that was great.
C: Yeah Wardrobe is fantastic but that was awesome>
R: Can you remember Wardrobe? I got a brand new car that night and curbed it quite hard. We were stuck on a bridge in Leeds till 3am in the morning
C: Yeah, that was our first gig in Leeds sort of as Palmes and we popped a tyre
R: The gig itself was good though – to say we only had three songs.

(A great response to the question – how was tonight..)

And how long have you been as a three as Palmes?

R: Erm, since November 2015. We were on the bus from Uni discussing names weren’t we
C: Yeah I’ve literally got a list, there were absolutely loads. (There were, we were showed an epic list of names of which Palmes was definitely the best choice).
R: Yeah Halfway House was one but we realised it was taken
C: Yeah we were gonna be that until we googled it – and there’s liek 12 pubs called it. We were gonna be travellers spelt TRVLRS like Pvris or Chvrches (said phonetically) but yeah..

For those who don’t know you how would you describe your music in one sentence?

C: In my opinion – which doesn’t count – we are Kings of Leon with synths
R: I think our synths sound like Pulp though but you guys don’t like Pulp

At this point Lucy from Local Hero Promotions was outraged at the comment and defended Jarvis Cocker to the point where she admitted he was her first crush and people had to once “fan her” when he took his shirt off…

CMy first crush was Britney – any boy who grew up when we did and didn’t love Britney..well who was it?
R: Anyway what was the question, music style?..well I’d say I derive my synth style a lot from Chvrches [back on topic] – guitar wise I just pretty much play what I like.
C: When Ryan was lead guitar I used to compare him to Matt Followay from Kings of Leon
R: Yeah that was when I was lead though – you’re just a budget Ben Thatcher (Royal Blood)

Who’s influenced you most in making your music?

R: Erm, well nobody really – I just kind of mess about first with stuff. Like All Grey our first single I did for a uni thing in 2nd year
C: It’s a strange question that because – people say how do you come up with this or why do you do that and we don’t really know. We just do it. Ryan turns up at practice, says I’ve got this song and we just give it a jam and that’s it. Although, every time I play a demo to my dad he says oh yeah that’s rocking, but every time I play a demo to my mum she says Ryan has a voice like that guy from Depeche Mode. [It then got weird] I think you’re voice is dark chocolate, real smooth

Moving on

So you released T.V. last year, how’s the reception for that been?

R: Decent – it’s weird because for us I think we’ve got much better songs.
A: To put it harshly, we’re going off it
R: I mean, I mix our songs, proudce them so I’ve heard it that many times it’s natural to go off it. It’s the standard Radiohead don’t wanna play Creep just on a much smaller standard.
C: Every time we mix a song though we all go in the studio together but like that’s (T.V) one of our oldest songs and every time we play it live now I’m like for fucks sake. 

How would you say as a band you write songs then? 

R: I just demo a lot really. If I strike gold so to speak I’ll build on it
C: Ryans the main songwritere. I was the main lyricist but now Ryan’s the main one. He stopped writing shitty lyrcis. We can both start writing though but if we don’t like it then just start a new one. That’s like Oslo, all the insturments I did because it was a uni project. Thing with me I can’t write a song say from 10-6, I’m most creative at like eight at night till 3am. We need to get Ash writing though because at the moment all he does is play bass. He makes a great bassline but he needs to write a fucking song. We keep telling him every payday to get an acoustic and he’s like (in Ash’s accent) “noo”.
A: Well that was a terrible impression
C: As soon as he buys an acoustic and we’re all writing it’ll be so much better, we’ll have a bigger melting pot of ideas.

2017 then – big plans to release?

R: We’ve got one ready to go on 4th March. We’ve got the single release at The Parish. Second one probably later April – we’ve probably got three done for now
C: When people ask me who writes the songs I say Ryan does and they’re like so what he says goes and it’s like, no we’re more of a democracy. If one of us doesn’t like it it doesn’t stay.
R: This year we;ve got a couple forthe chopping block – T.V. [Callum: “fuck that song”] – yeah to be fair though we hated All Grey a few months ago now we love it.

Any highlights – things to look forward to?

R: We’re playing Church Leeds on 11th May on a Sunday night. We’re playing a festival in Manchester with The Novettes.
C: Single release on 4th March

Lastly – if you could tour with anyone who would it be?

C: Oasis – because..imagine watching them live then going for a pint with them. Having a pint with Liam Gallagher..amazing. Either that or Kings of Leon [what followed was a horrendous Tennessee accent, message us to hear it..]
R: Biffy be pretty cool – just to talk to Simon. I’d just let him talk all night. Whether we fit their music though..
C: I’d say Blink too but with Tom Delonge, fuck Matt Skiba. They’re just like eeryones childhood band AND I’d get to chill with Travius Barget and be like “how are you so good?”

It was then pointed out that a better question is who would you never like to tour with – what followed was an eight minute slagging match of punk bands who are “fucking shite”, bands that would be bad because they’d say “Oh I’ll just have a cranberry juice , that’s enough beer for me” and just general comments about some of the worlds most established artists..

C: Slipknot would be a sick tour though!
R: Love to tour w/Frank Turner
C: Libs would be cool but I wouldn’t come back alive

We thanked the band for the hour that had just passed “that were funny” Callum said as they admitted they’d just “chatted shit for like half hour like we’re a big band. Nobody knows who we are!”. But people soon will I can promise you that – they’re a great bunch of guys with cracking tunes – do not miss them out on the road this year (dates below) and catch their new single El Capitano on 4th March. Maybe next time we’ll have a bit more useable content…


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