H_ngm_n are putting punk back on the UK map

For too many years pop punk and punk rock have been lagging behind indie music in the UK. Even with acts such as ROAM or The Excerts trying to put their stamp on the market, it’s difficult in such a soft guitar based market to get noticed and be different to every other punk band that try and fail. H_ngm_n however could be the band that put punk rock back on the map in this country. They recently released their double single “Hungover/Rope Bridge” and are ready to tour the UK this year getting the word out that punk is not dead.

The band hail from Brighton and are made up of James Martin and Chris Childs. They describe themselves as a dirty emo pop duo and their new double A side follows up from 2016 release Split released on the awesome Scylla Records. The first track Hungover starts with a lyric I’m sure resonates with every single punk fan “I’m tired of being hungover” and continues in a very typical way as would be expected. Rather than being straight up punk rock though, they guiys in H_ngm_n blend soft guitars with punk drums to create a track more like Motion City Soundtrack than Green Day. The track drops into a lovely middle eight that showcases their vocals almost You Me At Six esque. The number of different influences are testament to the quality of this track and that class carries on into Rope Bridge the second track.

With heavier guitars kicking off the song – the 2 and a half minute track layers more than the first track with a really strong rhythm guitar bass throughout. The drumming quality comes through more so than Hungover. Again, when the song drops into the more simplistic, slower section the song excels and I find myself wanting the band want to do a bit more of that rather than just write a crashing punk track. Nevertheless, it is a great track that only seems like an average punk song because of the quality of Hungover.

This double A single is a great way to pass five minutes of time and is five minutes I thoroughly recommend you take out of your day to listen if you’re a fan of punk music. This band will be taking over soon and with the guidance of Scylla Records who are going from strength to strength it won’t be long before everyone has heard of H_ngm_n.

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