In conversation with…Bianca Lewis (Nova Neon)

We caught up with Bianca Lewis the lead singer of Nova Neon a sweet London 5 piece who combine beautifully bass riffs, trippy synths and haunting vocals.

The first port of call, and for those who haven’t come across this incredible band was discussing their style of music. “Heavy pop or heavy pop alternative..” Bianca said was their style. “We combine pop, rock and soul into a sort of melting pot of sound. In fact like hard and edgy but smooth at the same time.” With influences from Little Dragon, Alt-J and Bon Iver it’s easy to see where this style of music stems from.

Bianca went on to say that when they’re writing “we basically write over a real trippy groove. We aimed for an edginess and a kickass groove which is like the music we’ve listened to recently.”

Moving on to their recent releases, I am a huge fan of Geek Freak and the video (below) and other tracks released in 2016 and Bianca suggested that the shows they played last year really “gave us a taste of what touring would be like”. Some highlights included Isle of Wight, and the “launch which was the first gig able to play the full album through. The place was packed, we filled it out. All our mates came down and some of our mates opened, it was really great.”

But the band certainly stopping any time soon, with the release of new single Stone to a Balloon this year from the record Chroma we discussed why that song was chose. “The song was unanimously one of our favourites from the album and we’ve actually been sat on it since 2013. We’ve got over 24000 hits on YouTube and everyone else likes it. We held out for a long time and it’s just a killer track that everyone relates to.” It really is a beautiful track which we’ve attached to the bottom of the page.

It sounds as well like Nova Neon have big plans for this next year. They played their first show in Manchester last week of which Bianca admitted she was “shitting bricks” before playing as they had never been to the city that has spring-boarded so many musicians. Bianca also said that they would hopefully be playing a number of festivals as they played Isle of Wight last year which she said was “mental”.

I asked Bianca where she saw the band in 2018 – “I would have liked us to have done a ring of festivals, released a second project, maybe a second EP and then planning for our own tour, that would be the dream.” On that tour that hopefully will happen sooner rather than later she said they “want to hit big cities, we want to branch out to reach new people. Our online support has been fantastic which which always puts a smile on your face but we want to plan a tour and conquer the UK.” In relation to putting out that second project, Bianca suggested that they want to get it out a bit more smoothly than in the past. “I know how particular we’ve been in the past and writing isn’t as easy as we thought it was. WE do lots of moulding of layers which takes time and we need to do more and make our music a lot faster.” If that happens, who knows, the reality of a headline tour may be on the horizon!

To finish the interview we discussed who it would be a dream to tour with. “Alabama Shakes – they’re fucking amazing,” she said. “I think it’d be wicked to open the US market and see what else is out there and Alabama Shakes have done so well” and it would be hard to argue with Bianca that touring with the band would be amazing! But as well as Alabama Shakes, Bianca finished by giving us one of her tips for the future. “Just Waves – definitely, they’re an alternative R&B ambient five piece check them out!”

I have to thank Bianca for the interview – it was genuinely lovely to hear someone so passionate about their music but so grounded at the same time. Good luck with 2017 and that headline tour next year! Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and pick up the new record “Chroma” here

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