BIG SISTER IS WATCHING YOU… An Interview with Strange Bones

Strange Bones are: The 3 Bentham Brothers plus Spud

Genre: Punk Rock and Roll of the Rawest Variety

For Fans of: The Prodigy, Slaves, Sleaford Mods

Last night, we visited Newcastle to see if fresh punk band Strange Bones live up to the hype made by Kerrang! and Radio 1 lately. We were delayed by an initial blip, but upon actually remembering that they had an interview booked, the band happily returned to the venue and offered a can of Carlsberg as a peace offering.

The Bentham brothers have all been playing together with drummer Stuart since they were kids growing up in Blackpool, but Strange Bones itself only formed about two years ago. ‘Spud is pretty much our brother though and we’ve basically adopted him by now’, Bob enlightened us. Strong comradery is clearly evident between every member.

What is perhaps most endearing about the band however, is the effort they have made to get their hometown of Blackpool back on the touring schedule of other bands. ‘Growing up in Blackpool was difficult’, they explained, as most venues closed down. To try and combat this, Strange Bones are working with Bootleg Social Club to host their own live music night every other month. Already, this has attracted numerous local bands who Strange Bones take the time to scout out personally.

When asked to describe Strange Bones’ music: ‘Fuzzy rock and roll, punk rock. Anti-tory. Gluten free.’ was the most accurate description available. What more could you possibly wish for?

Admittedly, it must be difficult to put a label on something that has had such varied influences mish mashed together. Inspiration has included everything from American punk bands like The Cramps to old school rocker Link Wray. The greatest motivation for the band has been recent political controversy though.

The band believe that ‘we live in a post-truth world where we’re all part of a bewildered herd controlled by fear’. They especially blame the media for bias and, after years of governmental ignorance, the band intend for their pure outrage to be heard now. They’re angry at the Tories and so are a lot of other people. Hence why they hope to broaden the rest of Britain’s minds and eventually prompt ‘revolution’.

Strange Bones released their new EP ‘We The Rats’ just last month and already they’ve ‘noticed that more people are clocking on’ to them. ‘Last time we were in Newcastle there were about five people there and it was bloody freezing!’, the band reminisced. They’ll be pleased to know that a heck of a lot more turned up to see them yesterday; although it was still snowing.

Prior to their live performance, the band mentioned that this tour has been the best they’ve ever done and that they’ve built up a lot of energy from this. We were warned to expect a ‘heavenly, nightmarish rainbow’ from their set. Nothing could have prepared us for the hell that was about to break loose though…

Bob eased us in with a siren to indicate that it was time for everyone to pay attention. From then, setting up almost seemed irrelevant as: speakers were immediately kicked down; mic stands flew into the crowd and; fans had the band screaming into their faces. All this appeared to come oh so effortlessly to the band though, confirming that they aren’t exaggerating about their built-up rage.

This is gritty punk rock at its rawest and the middle class will no doubt feel unworthy of its presence. Even if you are forced to borrow your younger brother’s checked shirt to hide your banker day job; seeing a live show will be entirely worth it. We guarantee that it will be one of the most shocking things you ever witness.

Reviewed by Dana Wilson


Listen to the new EP ‘We The Rats’ on Spotify and iTunes now then keep a look out for a lot more music from Strange Bones this year, potentially every 6 weeks; but only when they feel like it really.

If this doesn’t scare you off, watch the video for the title track on Youtube:

Then check the band out live at 2000 Trees Festival in Cheltenham from the 6th-9th July:

Keep up to date with more tour announcements on the way soon from Facebook too…


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