Review: Super Capsule – Macabrelabra

Super Capsule are: Josh Curry (Guitar, vocals), Nick Rahn (Guitar), Emily Daly (Bass, vocals) and Joey Campanella (Drums).

Super Capsule are an exciting new band out of Brooklyn, NY. There are so many different rock, punk, indie and alt influences on this debut EP it’s often hard to keep up with it but that’s what makes it a special piece of music. The overwhelming sound is taken from classic surf rock (The Ventures) but huge Pixies style classic rock also dominates at times.

Lead single Frost is a crashing, explosive track which was the lead single and the highlight of this epic 6-track EP. Just short of 2 minutes, this fast, 90’s rock inspired track is an insanely good start to the record. With distorted guitars, reflective of the anger in the world today is a signal as to the thoughts inside mastermind Josh Curry’s brain. The rage and the guitar feedback is fitting with the world’s present, hostile situation and is a perfect start to the EP.

It was a pleasant surprise then when Copslide took it down a notch or four with slow, flowing, clean guitars and soft vocals setting the track off. This song shows a completely different side to Super Capsule and Curry’s voice. As the track progresses there are even hints of Britpop style music and if you shut your eyes, you can almost hear sounds of early Oasis (yeah, that’s how good this is). Track four Discos is similar in style to Copslid but executed slightly differently with great  harmonies and a groovier riff-line.

The third track however shows yet another side of this eclectic band; Billy Boy is funky, it’s moody and it showcases the musical talent of the group from across the pond. With superb lead guitar and a killer bass offering, this track shows that Super Capsule aren’t just a 90’s rip off group and add their own sound with Billy Boy. Most EP’s stop at 4 tracks; but testament to the hard work this band has put in there are two more songs on this record.

Most Things, is one of my favourite tracks of the six. It’s Radiohead crossed with recent Manic Street Preachers; a superb amalgamation of sounds and vocals that shows Super Capsule off as a real class act in this genre of music.By the time Such Dry Land starts, we are so far from the sound of Frost and it almost feels like that first track doesn’t belong on this EP. But then..half way through the final track, once again Super Capsule let their music takeover and explode into huge riffs, intricate guitar and a drum beat fit for the greatest and it’s then that you realise this EP shouldn’t be listened to as individual songs. Yeah they work as tracks on their own, but the journey, the full circle you make from track 1-6 is so perfectly crafted it is a piece of music that should be sat down and listened to properly.

Josh Curry has asserted himself with this EP as a musician who wants to make a statement. With such a blend of sounds coming from these six tracks, it is astonishing that him and Super Capsule aren’t making waves across the states and over here in the UK. It is only a matter of time though and we’ll be recommending this track to everyone we meet and hope to see these guys very, very soon.

Listen and buy the EP right here –>

Stream on Soundcloud and follow the band on Twitter


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