Strange Bones Will Reignite Punk Rock

Strange Bones are: Bob Bentham, Will Bentham and Stuart Newburn

Genre: Punk/rock

For fans of: Slaves, Pulled Apart By Horses, The Prodigy

Riotous punk rock seems to be making a come-back lately, but who would have thought that a few guys from quaint little Blackpool would be leading the way?

Strange Bones have already received acclaim from the likes of Alex Baker on Kerrang’s ‘Fresh Blood’ show for the belter of a single ‘God Save The Teen’. No doubt they are hoping that the follow up EP ‘We The Rats’ will go down just as well…

You may be forgiven for a little apprehension upon first sight of the EP artwork. The image of a half man-half rat hybrid gazing out at the landmark that is Blackpool Tower appears a little off-putting. Naturally, the thought: who on Earth would come up with such a strange concept? crosses your mind.

The clue is, of course, in the band name.

Strange Bones aren’t pretending to be ordinary. In an industry dictated by managers trying to mould artists into what they believe will become popular, this is certainly admirable. I would urge you to look past any initial creepiness and take a risk with these guys though. Immediately, you’ll be struck by how catchy the riffs are. Then, without even realising it, you’ll have picked up the lyrics and be singing along to ‘Animals’ half way through the first play.

This isn’t to say that the music is predictable though. In fact, it genuinely has one of the most original punk sounds to have emerged in a while – promising in a time of growing political controversy when angsty tunes will surely thrive. The whole EP feels very fitting right now: full of unrest, whilst maintaining a sense of youthful fun and disregard for what is occurring.

As this week’s marches against Donald Trump have proven, there is no doubt that Strange Bones will find a place in modern society. Even if you do decide that it’s a bit weird for you, there’s a great cover of The Prodigy’s ‘Spitfire’ which will make it worth a try all the same.

Regardless, if they’ve got this much energy on record, then the upcoming live shows are bound to impress.

Reviewed by Dana Wilson

Download the new EP ‘We The Rats’ from Spotify and iTunes now then catch Strange Bones for what is expected to be a riot of a live show at Think Tank? in Newcastle on Wednesday the 8th of February.

And watch the slightly unnerving video for the title track ‘We The Rats’ on Youtube now:

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