Review – Luke Rainsford – I Feel At Home With You

For those who haven’t heard of Luke Rainsford, what are you doing with your life? Luke’s debut album “I’m Nothing Like My Dad Turned Out To Be” was one of the most personal and genuine records released for some time and cemented himself, for me, as one of the UK’s brightest talents. The follow up “I Feel At Home With You” is no different, it is a wonderfully heartfelt piece of music that anybody with any fear or worry about the world in 2017 should be listening to.

The records opening two tracks are very typical Luke, he’s “not destined to be happy” and any idea of the upbeat music matching the lyrics is swiftly dismissed as he continues where his debut album left off with some seriously honest lyrics and simple, but beautiful guitar notes. With Luke’s Frank Turner style of playing combined with Taking Back Sunday esque lyrics (but even more real) the opening tracks are an indicator of where the record is going.

Track three Home Safe is more stripped back and when the song slows right down so Luke’s vocals are really front and centre, you can imagine yourself in a muddy field in the summer at a festival just relaxing, in awe of the talent in front of you. Luke’s vocal is imperfect but that’s whats so incredible about this record; it’s raw, it’s real and even in the slightly more complex Hell Bent, it is the vocals that draw you in and makes for some real “moments”. If the record ended here as an EP, I’d be satisfied. Four beautiful tracks that deserve to be heard by everyone.

But what follows are the albums two highlights Nightmares and Burned. The sadness, the pain, the honesty on show in these two tracks, with Luke saying when he was 13 he had ambition, make you feel things I didn’t know was possible anymore from music. His ability to draw you into his life, taking you every step of the way on this torrid journey is incredible for someone so young. It’s a strange experience to be enjoying music so much whilst the lyrics suggest you probably shouldn’t be but that’s just the way it goes.

The second half of the album is just as intense and just as beautifully created. Cliche feels almost religious in the way it makes me feel listen to it and as I listened for the first time I realised I was just lost in the music, I wasn’t thinking about anything but Luke’s voice and lyrics. Ties and Boy Meets Girl are wonderfully contrasting and add to the record in many ways. The short, King Blues style ninth track is stripped back again and makes Luke such a believable artist – there aren’t many of those about right now where the listener knows every word they are listening to is real, and is presented so, so well.

I’m Bored of Being Heartbroken is another album highlight. “Here we go again another set of lazy chords” and “clumsy rhymes now the highlight of my life” are lyrics that suggest Luke doubts his ability as a recording artist. But the track actually reminds you that he isn’t just a guy with an acoustic guitar; as the song gets going you really appreciate the time and thought gone into the record and even if he feels he is just a lazy musician, the way in which he portrays his life in his songs is far from lazy and is such a lovely thing.

The two following tracks again bring you into Luke’s life, many artists with a record like this bore me, but the lyrics and simple music make me want more, make me want to listen to three records worth not just one. I want to know more about this incredibly talented guy who thinks so little of himself. Then comes I’m the Coward I Never Thought I’d Be..

This is the most honest of the record; maybe the most honest two minutes of anything I’ve ever heard. I don’t want to say much about this track as it just needs to be heard to understand how incredibly real it is. If there isn’t a tear in your eye I don’t believe you’re a human. Nobody puts more passion, more honesty into music than Luke Rainsford. At this point you have been on such a journey with the record and this track rounds it off in, again, a beautiful, tragic way.

This is the best album of it’s kind I’ve ever heard. It is genuinely genre defining, it’s beautiful in so many ways and everyone needs to hear Luke Rainsford’s music. Buy this record on 17th February I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Record available on Casette and CD from Scylla Records from 17th February. Available to pre-order now here 

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