Review: The Cult Collective – Seeking Thrills

The Cult Collective are: Jake Goodman, Dale Medlicott, Ben Gibbs
Genre: Britpop, indie
For fans of: Noel Gallagher, The Strokes, Reverand and the Makers

When you come across a band with just 63 followers on Twitter, it might be easy to assume that they aren’t going to be the most exciting group in the world. For H2N, seeing bands with few followers, however, is exciting; it means we could have found the next big thing before anybody knows about it. The Cult Collective are a band that definitely fit this description.

Seeking Thrills is the latest offering from the band from the midlands, building on Beggars Belief and Here Come the Cynics which the guys put out last year. The track has a strong, steady opening with big riffs which drops into the opening verse. With long slow guitar strokes coupled with Oasis style vocals the formula is there for The Cult Collective to enter this indie stage. With an easy to pick up chorus, “Hold your breath and count to ten, tonight this ends, tonight this ends” will be sung back to these guys en masse at any future gigs.

The middle eight shows off a little more the musical capabilities of the band dropping into a more melodic sound than the rest of the track before booting up back into the final chorus. A very accomplished track from the upcoming band and what it does is leaves us “Seeking Thrills”; it sets the basis for what The Cult Collective are capable of and leaves the listener wanting a bigger, bolder track for their next offering. A great effort and looking forward to more.

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