Dead Natives – Ones to Watch in 2017…

Dead Natives are: Liam Dutch, Nick Lemon, Robbie Ferguson and Adam Payne

Genre: Alt. rock/Brit pop

For fans of: Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses

You’re looking out over lush sandy beaches from a hotel balcony in the Mediterranean. You close your eyes; take a deep breath, then listen to the waves of the sea slowly sloshing into shore. You exhale and realise that you’ve probably never felt this relaxed before.

This is the scene that entered my mind upon first hearing Dead Native’s mesmerising ‘Room With A View’ from their debut EP ‘Something Strange’. As you continue listening, it soon becomes clear that every track tells a genuine story. It is difficult not to be instantly captivated by this. The lyrics must recall distinct memories due to the emotion put into each line and the delicate accompanying chords. It certainly seems as though the four piece from Surrey have a lot they’d like to get off their chest.

Fascinating as the story-telling initially appears, the lyrics do get a little repetitive after a few plays. Once you really tune in, it is apparent that they are all about the same theme. It’s the classic guy meets girl; falls madly in love then never wants to let her go vibe. Flattering as this may be for the lucky lady, it can get a tad tedious for a lonely outsider.

Looking past any personal bitterness however, the musical quality itself is actually very high for a young band with a modest 650 Facebook followers. It isn’t just fans that have noticed this either as the guys have already gained recognition from BBC Introducing and are even set to support The Sherlocks in March.

Right now, the band purely channels lazy Sunday mornings, but with more gig opportunities like this to aid their growth, the music will naturally mature too. All the key elements are set in motion so, with a little extra variety, greatness beyond ‘just chilling’ shall surely be achieved in the not so distant future…

Reviewed by Dana Wilson


The EP ‘Something Strange’ is available now on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Check out the band live as they support The Sherlocks at The BOILEROOM in Guildford on Tuesday 14th March.

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