Review: Nobody’s Watching – SHEAFS

SHEAFS are: Lawrence Feenstra (lead vocals), Chris Goodacre (guitar and backing vocals), Callum Wright (bass and backing vocals), Charles Mellor (guitar) and Charlie Eastap (drums)

Genre: Indie/rock

For fans of: The Sherlocks, The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys

At first, it appears effortless for a band to gain social media followers as news quickly spreads through friends of friends, but as time goes on, getting over the 2000 Facebook likes threshold proves extremely difficult. There is the risk of artists drifting away in a sea of similar rising stars, where there is only space for so many to float to the top. Bands need to prove that they have that special something which makes them distinct.

One band currently at this crucial stage in their career is SHEAFS, who already appear especially edgy by their uppercase title. It’s been a while since a new Sheffield band have made headlines, but these guys are hoping to show that the city still has fresh talent with the release of their debut EP – ‘Nobody’s Watching’.

There is no doubt that the tracks are immediately catchy. Complex riffs and cocky vocals beyond the band’s year and a bit of experience reside throughout, fooling you into assuming record label input. The fact that they’ve managed to attain this professional quality by themselves certainly deserves commendation. It is however unfortunate, for a band aiming not to be compared to any other, that there is an obvious Arctic Monkeys vibe which cannot simply be ignored. You could be forgiven for mishearing the intro. to ‘One Simple Rumour’ and getting ‘Dancing Shoes’ stuck in your head instead. After a couple of listens through, the songs do take on a unique style though. Perhaps you then realise that, subconsciously, you wanted to make a comparison with something already out there from the start.

If you like Arctic Monkeys, then yes, you probably will become a SHEAFS fan, but if you’re looking for the new Arctic Monkeys, then look elsewhere. Whilst the band will hopefully be as successful one day; they are not just another duplicate. All it will take to allow them to grow into their own is for a record label to notice this over the next few years.

From there, 2000 likes will inevitably become 20000.

The EP ‘Nobody’s Watching’ is available now on Spotify and iTunes. Watch the brand new video for the single on Youtube.

Look out for future live shows on their Facebook page too.

Reviewer: Dana Wilson


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