Genre: Indie Rock

Hometown: Stockport

Members: Joe Newey (Vocals/Guitars), Charlie Cole (Guitar), Andy Law (Vocals/Drums), Dave Pennington (Bass)

For fans of: Two Door Cinema Club, The Vaccines


H2N are willing to bet that 2017 will be an exciting year for Kashmere – and we’re not the only ones. This indie four-piece from Stockport has been receiving nothing but positive press for their new single ‘Porcelain’, and with good reason.

‘Porcelain’ has a distinctive indie vibe, somehow managing to be effortlessly chilled and full of energy at the same time. Joe Newey’s vocals are strong, and yet they are allowed to blend into the other instruments, making for a relaxing listen. The real stars of this track, however, are the guitars which, along with the drum work, make it hard to resist dancing along.

Fresh and energetic from the very opening, this track is defined by the fact that it screams ‘summer’. Hopefully it will be performed at festivals all over the country this year, as the vibe would go perfectly with warm sunshine and friends (or ankle-deep mud and drizzle). Its potential for success lies in the fact that it’s the kind of music that anyone can enjoy, regardless of what your usual tastes might be.

The track’s structure is simple yet effective; instead of offering a deliberate lyrical or musical progression, it hits a sweet spot from the start and stays there, making it three minutes of chilled listening.

It comes as no surprise, then, that BBC Introducing has Kashmere on their radar. With a chorus this catchy, the only reason for not giving this 5 stars is because we want a whole album. If you hurry, you can catch them live at LuCoo Live in Manchester on January 21st – but if not, don’t worry, as they are sure to be everywhere this year.

Overall, a solid start to what is sure to be an epic year for Kashmere. Good luck getting that chorus out of your head…

Author: Eve Lytollis

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