Live: Native City – Fibbers, York

After the atrocious year that was 2016, what better way to get back in the party mood than good old pop-rock from local band Native City. Headlining Fibbers for the first time since reforming last year the guys showed they still know how to get a crowd up for a great night.

Main support Pura Vida from Selby were the perfect accompaniment to Native City providing more indie vibes reminiscent of the Killers and Catfish and the Bottlemen. Playing tracks from their awesome EP “Sundae” Pura Vida captured everything it meant to be an upcoming band on this circuit; they had grit and determination and songs genuinely good enough for the big leagues. A very accomplished set from a band that have been together less than a year. Check out the EP on Spotify.

Then came the main event; “Good evening Fibbers!!” was shouted by lead singer Robbie Cliff as the band came out to a Pirates of the Carribean beat before ripping into For the Record. The packed Fibbers were getting exactly what they had paid for right from the start and the band continues into crowd favourites Cocoon and The Middle. The confidence from Cliff came across beautifully and his crowd interaction was on point suggesting “maybe someone’s gonna get lucky” in the hot sweaty venue.

Following the covers which were sang back with force, original track Live Right Now received just as positive a reaction. With Blink-182 style riffs and a typically catchy chorus, once this song is released it is no doubt going to be a fan favourite. Technical issues proved no hardship to the band either as the confident Cliff led the crowd in a rendition of Mr Brightside.


When the beach balls (now a Fibbers staple) came out the crowd were raised again. Throughout the rest of the set with Busted and Arctic Monkeys proving perfect choices, it was clear these guys have potential with flowing harmonies, perfectly controlled drums and bass from and incredible lead guitar from Ryan Mellor Davies. The turning point of the set however was with the performance of Native City’s single Tomorrow. We reviewed the track recently and the live performance did not let it down, the crowd responded as Shut up and Dance finished the set.

Confidence, arrogance, whatever you call what this band have, it works and the chants for one more song forced them to come back out and to Cliffs dismay, perform Summer of ’69. You could see the older members of the crowd come alive, remembering their first gigs from this genre and it was a brilliant end to the set. My only complaint as always with these guys is it wasn’t long enough. More originals, more time and these guys are destined to succeed.



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