Single Review – Native City – Tomorrow

Genre: Pop-rock
Hometown: Selby
Members: Robbie Cliff (Vocals), Richy Jones (Bass), Max Shaw (Drums), Ryan Mellor Davis (Lead guitar) and Jack Randles (Rhythm Guitar)
For fans of: 5SOS, All Time Low, Lacey

Born from local heroes Premonition, Native City are a hot new band hailing from North Yorkshire ready to steal teen hearts and make a dent in a dying genre, pop-rock. Their most recent single is a signal as to what Robbie Cliff and gang can create and based on song number one, the future looks bright.

After reforming with the addition of Randles in September of this year, Native City released “Tomorrow” soon after and the track quickly gained traction through York’s BBC Introducing section on Radio York and have since began to build a social media following building up to a big homecoming show on January 6th at York Fibbers.

The song is perfect for fans of the likes of All Time Low and 5SOS. It begins with typical pop-rock guitars and a controlled vocal from Cliff; “Just lose yourself forget everybody else, now it’s time to forget what we was told” harks back to my teenage years, wishing to be rebellious and will ring true for many of Native City’s adoring fans. Other perfect lyrics for the genre continue throughout, they wouldn’t sound out of place in a Mayday Parade song but the infectious pop melodies make this song much happier an propel Native City higher than basic emo-rock.

The song follows a very functional structure, but with Cliff’s strong vocals and harmonious backing vocals the song soon approaches the obligatory guitar solo which again, is perfectly balanced before reaching the final bridge. “I’m sleeping in this darkness i wanna wake up in that light, reality is painless but impossible to find” really is a beautiful lyric and the progression into the finale accompanies the rest of the song wonderfully. I would have been quite happy for the 3:43 minute length song to have been at least another 60 seconds but I can wait for the next release for that.

Native City have created the perfect pop-rock song. Drawing on current bands but harking back to when this genre was thriving in the early noughties, this band are a reminder that there is still a place for this type of music in the industry, a point I’m sure will be proven by an adoring crowd on January 6th.

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