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Top 40 2016: 10-6

Into the final ten, the best ten songs of 2016, and isn’t this just so exciting! So far we have seen some simply stunning tracks from some of the worlds most established bands, freshest new bands and exciting alternative artists. It’s making my mouth water just thinking about these top ten songs so let’s get on with it!

10 – The Hunna – You & Me

Nothing much more can be said about this band that hasn’t already been said in 2016. The Hunna have quite simply taken over social media and the alternative indie world and had the best year of their career so far. Releasing their debut album earlier this year and embarking on a sell out tour whilst playing to packed tents at Reading and Leeds Festivals; this band have gone from strength to strength since the release of Bonfire last year. You & Me is a song which I would challenge anybody not to fall in love with; it is incredibly upbeat with happy lyrics and only The Hunna could pull off writing a song with their name in. 2017 is going to be even bigger for the band with their January tour on the cusp of completely selling out. #Onehunna

9 – Mallory Knox – Giving It Up

This. Is. Huge.

Mallory Knox have clearly been away thinking about how they could improve on their incredible second album Asymmetry and have decided to go big for their upcoming record Wired due in early 2017. Giving It Up presents a new, raw passionate sound that stretches Mikey’s vocals to it’s outer limit. The band have come a long way from the Lighthouse days; there is much more attitude, much more maturity in this recording and MK manage to create a wall of sound in the chorus that the big metal bands of the world would be proud of. Safe to say, I am very, very excited for Wired and the tour in March, do not miss it.

8 – Lonely the Brave – Dust and Bones

It almost pains me to not have this band in the top five such was the perfection of Things Will Matter, but that just shows how impressive 2016 has been in music. Dave Jakes has taken it up a level in 2016 shaking off some of his nerves whilst keeping enough to give LTB the individuality that makes them so unique. The passion in Dust and Bones is enough to make any grown man cry (and it has); when Jakes calls out “I’ve heard that you’ve blown in, but you won’t kick the s**t out of my dreams” the shiver that crawls across my whole body is enough to make me believe this band are going to be the world’s greatest one day (even if they are already in my mind). That line, this song, is so special and deserves to be so much higher in this list but for me, Dust & Bones isn’t a stand alone song, it is one amazing part of 2016’s best album and if an album list was being produced, there’s no doubt that LTB and Dust & Bones would be sitting right at the top.

7 – Green Day – Revolution Radio

They’re back! They’re actually back!

2016 saw the most overdue return to music since the Libertines burst back onto the scene. The world’s biggest punk band came back with the magnificant Revolution Radio record of which the title track is the pick. Wonderfully blending music from their best album Dookie with remnants of 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day have produced a very 21st Century sound whilst going back to the album that changed the punk world. Take a listen here to Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool doing what they do best.

6 – Creeper – Suzanne

Narrowly missing out on the top five are 2016’s craziest band Creeper. For a period of time this year, nobody knew where Creeper were; following deleted Twitter accounts and a strange mystery surrounding the disappearance of James Scythe (look it up) the whereabouts of Creeper was questioned across the emo world. Where they were, was creating their best song to date in preparation for their debut album out in March 2017. Suzanne shows exactly why people are heralding Creeper as the UK’s most exciting new band and being discussed in the same breath as My Chemical Romance. It is quite simply the perfect emo-punk song with vocalist Will Gould producing his finest work whilst his five strong band behind him beautifully blend musical styles to create one of 2016’s finest tracks. Look out for this band in 2017; they are about to take over.

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