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Top 40 of 2016: 20-11

Into the top 20 we go and as you’ll be expecting, there are some serious “tunes” in the final half of the countdown. With only a few days to go, we will rattle through the next ten and then countdown the final ten from tomorrow.

20 – The Chaser – Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic’s triumphant “GLA” was released earlier in the year with The Chaser being the pick  of the new record.

19 – Highly Suspect – My Name is Human

With one of the records of 2016, sure to wipe the floor of awards ceremonies next year, Highly Suspect fully deserve their place in this list. Following a run of huge shows in the UK in 2016, expect a lot from these guys in 2017.

18 – A Day to Remember – Paranoia

Probably the heaviest tune in the countdown, ADTR’s Paranoia is a wonderful combination of huge vocals and mega-riffs. The best punk-rock track of 2016 by far.

17 – Black Foxxes – I’m Not Well

Without a doubt the stand out band of 2016 for me that I saw live. Black Foxxes are an incredible band with Mark Holley on vocals one of the most intriguing and genuine performers I have ever seen. I’m Not Well, is so intense, yet so beautiful Holley drags you head first into his mind in such a tragic but blissful way, you can’t help but feel enchanted by the vocal and the lyrics he is singing. Amazing track!

16 – Black Stone Cherry – In Our Dreams

Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry produced one of the finest albums so fair in their career in 2016. With huge tracks Way of The Future, and more mellow tracks like The Rambler it was hard to choose one. My mind was made up for me seeing this track performed live; it encapsulates everything BST have done in the past whilst demonstrating their their new sound perfectly. Listen here!

15 – Brian Fallon – Nobody Wins

Is there a more genuine human alive in the world right now than Brian Fallon, probably not. The record produced in 2016 was one of the best pieces of acoustic music possibly ever made; taking huge steps away from the Gaslight Anthem whilst sticking to his roots, Fallon manages to balance his raw vocal with heartfelt lyrics and “Nobody Wins” is the perfect example of how Fallon does his work best.

14 – Sum 41 – God Save Us All

Just brilliant. No other words, bloody brilliant!

13 – Taking Back Sunday – You Can’t Look Back

Until 2016, I hadn’t paid a huge amount of attention to Taking Back Sunday; I was never much of an emo rocker so to speak but with the release of their epic Tidal Wave record this year, I am now officially a fan! Adam Lazzara and crew have created nothing short of masterpiece and this track is without doubt one of the best of 2016, and perhaps the decade.

12 – The People the Poet – Happy Being Miserable

Just missing out on the top ten this year are the magnificent The People The Poet. The band from South Wales released the excellent “Paradise Closed” EP earlier in the year and although Club 27 and Matchday are phenomenal tracks, the track that has made me happiest in 2016 has been Happy Being Miserable; it is so immediately relateable and the music brings a smile to my face. It’s an exceptional piece of music, take a listen here.

11 – Sixx:AM – Rise

And hitting the bar, as close as you can get to the top ten are Nikki Sixx and Sixx:AM who in 2016 released two excellent albums and the first release “Rise” is one of about fifteen tracks good enough to make this final 40. I fully recommend listening front to back both of those albums released this year.


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