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Top 40 of 2016: 30-26

Now we’re getting serious, the best 30 songs of 2016. Bear in mind, at some point in 2016 over 300 songs were considered for this prestigious list so these final 30 really are quite special.

30 – Blink-182 – Bored to Death

I honestly didn’t think I’d be sat here in 2016 writing about an excellent Blink-182 record. I fully believed their best days behind them but how wrong I was; with Matt Skiba on board, Blink are revitalised, back to their best, some might even say writing their best ever music. Bored to Death is only one of many songs from California that could have made the list but being the lead single, it was fitting that the song that marked their triumphant return was the one to be included. Blink haven’t significantly matured in their lyrics, but their sound certainly has and that’s why their 2017 UK tour will be their biggest yet.

29 – Rival Bones – Lost Along the Way

This is another unfortunate case of “I wish I had heard of them sooner”. Rival Bones were one of the highlights for me at the recent Kazoopa festival in Leeds and this song, had I been listening to it all year, most definitely would have finished higher. I struggle for words describing just how good I believe this band could be and already are; James and Chris make so much (constructive) noise, to paraphrase myself, I just don’t believe only two people make the kind of music they do. This song is so beautiful, so melodic, yet so raw and real, you can’t help but feel one day this duo from Liverpool will be selling out arenas globally. (Rival Bones are a “One to Watch” for 2017 so check back here very soon to read all about them).

28 – Falling in Reverse – Coming Home

Released in the last week, this song only just made the cut, but I really couldn’t miss it out of the list. Since their stunning 2015 album Just Like You it’s been a matter of waiting to hear what Falling in Reverse have been up to. We now have our answer, they’ve been away changing their sound, becoming more anthemic and making everything, well, bigger. All the signature “FIR” features are still there with a big chorus and stunning chord progressions but Ronnie’s vocals have gone up about ten levels compared to anything we’ve seen before. From clean, pop vocals to aggressive rock, Radke gives it everything in this song and has made me, and other fans I’m sure, very, very excited for what’s coming in 2017.

27 – The Amazons – Nightdriving

The pick for 2017, the Amazons are a band that are seriously going places. With four huge releases in 2016, it was extremely difficult to choose just one, but Nightdriving was the song that made this years Y Not Festival for me and therefore had to go in. For those that don’t know The Amazons, fear not, you will soon. Nightdriving is an upbeat, indie-rock anthem; when the chorus kicks in, only pure brilliance flows out of the song. I can’t say much more about the song because you just need to listen to it to understand just how good The Amazons are; do check back here though as the band will have a full 2017 preview post as one of my “One’s to Watch” for next year.

26 – Against Me – Rebecca

One of 2016’s best records was Shape Shift With Me by Against Me and the song that stood out most for me was Rebecca. The song is so typically Against Me with upbeat guitars, lyrics we can all at some point in life relate to and Laura putting her all into delivering a hard-hitting vocal, but Rebecca stands out on the new record as it’s Against Me +. It’s everything we know and love, but ramped up a few notches. The best way to really appreciate how huge this song is, is to watch it live so here you go:




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