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Top 40 of 2016: 35-31

Continuing the countdown, the next five songs see artists from all over the globe from Orange County, USA to the Czech Republic and of course, God’s own county Yorkshire.

35 – Asylums – Alternative Occupations

Asylums are a band who are going to very quickly become one of the most instantly recognisable acts in the UK. With an extremely unique sound, this group of lads from Southend (UK) have hit mainstream radio and festivals this year and their most recent effort Alternative Occupations was the pick of the bunch. Fast tempo, a catchy chorus and intriguing guitars all combine to create a cracking tune that signals the end of a fantastic year for the band.

34 – Ignite – Work

2016 saw the first release in ten years by the epic band Ignite. A War Against You is nothing but a masterpiece from the California based band and Work is the song that stands out from the record. Zoli Teglas (vocals) really pushes himself to the limit throughout the record and the aggression and politically fueled tones in this song make it one of the songs of 2016. Let’s all hope we’re not waiting another ten years for the next release!

33 – The Gospel Youth – Wildfire

Without a doubt, the most exciting band I came across in 2016 was the brilliant TGY (The Gospel Youth). With an ambitious target set at the start of the year to release a new single every month, TGY have been very busy. Although many of the releases could have made this list, only one could make the final cut and Wildfire for me shows off the capabilities of the band best. Reminiscent of great British bands (Deaf Havana, We Are The Ocean) TGY combine catchy melodies with infectious lyrics and Wildfire just works on so many levels. Watch out for these guys in 2017, if this year was anything to go by, we could be hearing a lot more from them very soon.

32 – The Barmines – Reliance

I feel very late to the party with this Leeds band as I only came across them very recently. After seeing them announced for Kazoopa festival in November and the reaction they received on social media I immediately knew I was missing out on something special. I was right. Reliance is by anybody’s standards a fantastic tune. There are many bands working in this area of rock music at the moment but The Barmines have something a lot of other groups don’t, genuine, raw natural talent. None of what they do is forced. None of it is faked. It is pure class on every level from the rough vocal to the stadium filling guitars and the perfect drum accompaniment. Had I had more time to digest this song properly it probably would have been higher up the list but keep a close eye on this blog as I will be reviewing them as a “One to Watch” for 2017.

31 – We on the Moon – Crashes

The only European band to feature on the entire list not from the UK are the excellent We on the Moon hailing from the Czech Republic. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it then swiftly fell for the whole Home EP released earlier this year. Tom’s vocals on Crashes are without doubt the best they have ever been and propel the band right up there with the likes of Mayday Parade and All Time Low. The beauty of We on the Moon though is that unlike many bands doing what they are doing, they are so understated, so unknown and that makes them that bit more special. Crashes is a wonderful culmination of what they have been working towards since their 2013 album release and the future certainly looks very bright for this Czech outfit.

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