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Top 40 of 2016 – 40-36

This epic countdown of the best songs from the rock and alternative world in 2016 has begun. Despite 2016 being a down and out year, British, Australian and American rock has been thriving and this countdown has been changed almost weekly since the start of the year as artist after artist released new tracks. Enjoy!!

40 – Jackobins – Hasty

A seriously big summer tune made for the festival stages these guys from Liverpool graced over July and August. The fact this song is in 40th shows how strong a year of music 2016 was as I was in love with this tune for so long over the summer months! (Keep tuned for a full article on the Jackobins being a “One to Watch” in 2017).

39 – Hands Like Houses – New Romantics

In February, Australian hardcore band HLH burst back on to the scene giving us their third album. New Romantics was the highlight of the record combining huge guitar riffs with even bigger vocals. HLH recorded a beautiful live acoustic version of this track which is not to be missed (see below).  Touring with Lower Than Atlantis next year they are not one to miss in 2017.


38 – Good Charlotte – Life Changes

Another huge return in 2016 was that of American punk heroes Good Charlotte. With duets with Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro) and Kellin Quinn (SWS) on the new record it was hard to choose the best song. Life Changes though to me best shows the difference in maturity Good Charlotte have shown in their new style. Even though their live shows at R&L suggest they are still as fun as ever, these new songs add a new dimension to them and I for one am not complaining.


37 – Neck Deep – Serpents

Released from their 2015 record, Serpents is Neck Deep’s finest effort so far in their, potentially, genre defining career. Setting the precedent for British pop-punk right now this band know exactly where they’re going. The track almost signals the end of this era of Neck Deep as I feel from here they are only going to grow and produce some of the finest punk records the UK has ever seen. With support slots booked with A Day to Remember in the New Year and who knows, an album on the horizon, the future is bright for the Welsh rockers who are proving punk is definitely not dead yet.

36 – Paves – Take Me While I’m Here

Rounding up the first five tracks of this fantastic countdown are London lads “Paves”. I only heard of these guys late in the year when Kazoopa festival announced its lineup and immediately knew they had something special. They have a hell of a lot of talent and I’ve heard they’re nice guys too, what more do you want! For anybody who hasn’t heard of these, very soon you’ll be in the minority because these guys are on the rise. I won’t say much more as just giving them a listen will explain everything you need to know. (Watch this space for an article on why Paves are one of the “Ones to Watch” in 2017)


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